[Watch] Tarik Takes an Insane Knife Kill While Falling Down on Vertigo

[Watch] Tarik Takes an Insane Knife Kill While Falling Down on Vertigo

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Tarik secures an insane mid-air knife kill on Vertigo while falling off the building.
  • There is a saving spot down the elevator shaft in Vertigo where players can fall down and stay afloat mid-air due to a pixel bug.
  • A player was saving on that exact spot when Tarik simply jumped down and secured a knife kill.

The king of content and one of the best CS:GO streamers from North America, Tarik "tarik" Celik seems to be thoroughly enjoying his time as a streamer ever since stepping back from the competitive scene last month. The 25-year-old has been primarily streaming a lot of Valorant and CS:GO, following his decision to step down from Evil Geniuses’ active CS:GO roster due to various reasons that he revealed later on. A clip from one of his recent streams has gone viral within the CS:GO community, as tarik managed to knife an enemy player mid-air while falling down on Vertigo.

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Tarik Takes an Insane Mid-Air Knife Kill on Vertigo

Vertigo is a unique CS:GO map where players have to be extra careful and aware of their spatial surrounding, as there is always a slight chance of a player falling off the rooftop of the high-rise building. 

Due to the way Vertigo has been designed, this open edge present throughout the map allows players to come up with creative ways to jump around to various spots and catch the enemy by surprise. However, it does come with its fair share of problems as one wrong move can lead to instant death.

But what if you were able to use this feature to save yourself when losing the round, so as to escape unhurt and carry forward your weapon, utility, and armour to the next round. Well, one such spot was found by a user on Vertigo where a pixel bug allows a player to slide off the side of the elevator shaft and hover in mid-air. 

Tarik when playing a recent match on Vertigo was just one round away from reaching the map point. Playing T-sided in the 22nd round, only one CT player was left alive as the attackers mercilessly started hunting him around the map. Tarik suddenly gave a call about knowing where the last player might be hiding, jumping down the elevator shaft where the last CT player was standing and securing a knife kill mid-air before dying himself.

From the clip above you can see how confident Tarik was about the CT players position, who even tried to shoot him firing a few bullets in his direction. But the fearless entry fragger took the fight to him instead, knifing him mid-air before falling to his own death.

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