Shroud Wants CS:GO To Step Up Its Game


Shroud Wants CS:GO to Step up and Compete With Valorant, Gives a Few Pointers

The former Cloud9 player still cares for the Valve shooter!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Popular Twitch streamer Shroud in a recent broadcast heavily criticized CS:GO while comparing it to Valorant.
He called CS:GO "far from perfect" and "dated as hell", but ended up giving Valve a few genuine pointers on how they could improve the game.
This is not the first time that Shroud has compared the two titles and bashed CS:GO, as he had also once labelled it as a 'boomer game'.

The Polish-Canadian streamer, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, while reacting to the latest Valorant agent 'Neon' in a recent Twitch stream ended up comparing the game to CS:GO once again. This is obviously not the first time that Shroud has compared the two titles, previously calling CS:GO a 'boomer game' due to its slower-paced gameplay.

This time the 27-year-old seemed to be frustrated with how Valve was handling Counter-Strike poorly and the current state of the game, as he went on boldly claim that CS:GO was "dated as hell".

Though he put forth his thoughts on the game rather critically, in the end, Shroud did provide a few pointers from his side on how Valve could improve CS:GO so that it could keep up and better compete against Valorant.

Shroud criticizes CS:GO while comparing it to Valorant, Gives a few pointers on how to improve

Popular Twitch streamer, Shroud, despite moving on to Valorant still has some love for CS:GO. He might not play the game professionally any longer, neither does he stream it often, but he continues to care for the game and its community.

In a recent broadcast while checking out the trailer of the new Valorant agent 'Neon', he ended up comparing the game to CS:GO, making some rather critical comments about the Valve shooter.

What's Counter-Strike doing? Lol, nothing. F**king hell, CS step your game up. P**sing me off, Valve is p**sing me off. They are letting Valorant and Riot Games walk all over them, fine. They will continue to walk all over them, f**k it, who cares. (If) They don't care, we don't care, am I right?!
Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek

The former Cloud9 CS:GO player was clearly upset that Valve was doing nothing to improve the current state of the game, which is plagued by cheaters and has recently started facing performance issues where players are randomly experiencing heavy frame drops.

Former Riot Games anti-cheat developer offering help to Valve

However, his harsh criticism was not aimed towards bashing CS:GO as Shroud went on to suggest a few pointers to Valve on how they could improve the tactical shooter.

They (Valve) just got to work on it (CS:GO), either they can do what they did with Dota 2 and try to update it engine wise or just make a whole new game and get innovative. You know, like maybe not play the same maps all day.
Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek

Shroud just seems to be concerned about CS:GO in the long run as Riot Games is pro-active when it comes to Valorant, while Valve true to its nature likes to take things at a much slower pace. For now, both the games are enjoying a healthy competition between themselves.

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