CS:GO Gets Help Offer From Former Riot Games Anti-Cheat Dev 


Former Riot Games Anti-Cheat Dev Offers Help to Solve CS:GO’s Cheating Problem

Will Valve take this offer or continue to take care of things themselves?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve developer, John McDonald, recently came under fire when he tried to defend and deflect questions about CS:GO facing cheating problems.
A former Riot Games anti-cheat architect who goes by the name of Nemi offered to help solve CS:GO's cheating problems.
Canadian caster Mohan "launders" Govindasamy also responded to McDonald by handing him a response that many in the community seem to agree with.

A few days before 2021 came to an end there was a bit of chatter on Twitter related to CS:GO not being able to get rid of the cheaters effectively. This conversation involved a Valve developer - John McDonald, who tried to defend Valve’s approach towards the ordeal. This in turn led to the Valve developer being offered a helping hand from a former Riot Games anti-cheat architect who goes by the name of Nemi.

Despite Valorant being young, the title has proved that mitigating the activity of cheating and hacking is very much possible with a solid anti-cheat program, something that CS:GO has struggled with for almost a decade. Valve is clearly lacking in this particular department as the community continues to complain about the dire state of official matchmaking while sharing their awful competitive experiences against cheaters.

Valve offered help by former Riot Games anti-cheat developer to solve the cheating problem in CS:GO

It is almost a decade since CS:GO launched in August 2012, but Valve is still struggling to effectively combat the cheating problems that plague the game. Developers have tried introducing various methods like the Overwatch System, Trust Factor, VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) Ban Waves, and other such solutions to fight against the horde of cheaters negatively affecting CS:GO. However, the outcome has been far from positive as the community continues to complain about the dire state of the game which is being overrun by cheaters.

On 30th December 2021 a fan had commented on how CS:GO and the cheaters that plague it were an iconic duo while responding to a tweet by Valve developer, John McDonald. To this McDonald had responded in a very neutral manner and also attempted to deflect the blame from CS:GO.

He said that work was being done by Valve to take care of the cheating activities affecting the game and that they were not the only online multiplayer title facing such a situation. He further went on to ask, “What game at any large scale doesn’t have a cheating problem?”

Multiple community members responded to McDonald including Canadian commentator Mohan "launders" Govindasamy who said that it was all about perception. While CS:GO players doubt their opponents of cheating most of the time, it is not the case in Valorant. He pointed out a few other things wrong with the game that Valve has implemented and refuses to change.

Launders response to Valve developer

However, the best response came in the form of a helping hand as a former Riot Games anti-cheat architect named Nemi came forward to offer help and assistance to Valve for combating the cheating problem that they were currently facing.

Response from former Riot Games anti-cheat developer

The community took this message positively and is hopeful that Valve will respond to him so that the anti-cheat can become more robust, resulting in a lower number of cheating incidents. It remains to be seen how Valve approaches this issue in 2022, maybe this is the year where CS:GO undergoes a change for the better.

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