S1mple Talks About What He Does With All the CS:GO Prize Money

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S1mple Talks About What He Does With All The CSGO Prize Money


S1mple in his recent Twitch stream spoke about what he does with his share of all the CS:GO tournament prize winnings.
The star AWPer said that he always gives all his prize money to his parents, but in some cases it just lies with him.
S1mple expressed that the main thing for him is to make his parents happy so that even they can enjoy the life that he enjoys.

One of the best CS:GO players in the world and Na'Vi star AWPer, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev recently spoke about what he does with his share of the CS:GO prize money. On his 25th July Twitch stream, s1mple, while chatting with his viewers admitted that he gives all his prize money earnings from the CS:GO tournaments to his parents so that they can enjoy their life like he does. The MVP (Most Valuable Player) of IEM Cologne 2021 had an incredible outing in the first CS:GO LAN tournament in more than a year, as Na'Vi lifted the trophy, now just one win away from winning the Intel Grand Slam - Season 3.

S1mple reveals what he does with all the CS:GO prize money

The lethal marksman who is a threat to every opposition in any possible scenario and situation, recently registered an insane overall HLTV rating of 1.51 at Cologne. But as merciless as he may be on the server, s1mple in reality is quite humble in the way he chooses to spend his tournament prize money.

S1mple MVP of IEM Cologne 2021

During his recent Twitch stream, while engaging with his viewers, s1mple came forward to reveal what exactly does he do with his share of the tournament earnings, saying that,

I always give everything (tournament prize money) to my parents, or it just lies with me. If my parents like something, I will buy it for them. I want to upgrade my car, I have become old. The main thing is to make my parents happy so that they can enjoy the life that I enjoy. It is the most important.
Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev

So far 2021 has been going great for both s1mple and Na'Vi, the organization having already won a handful of CS:GO tournaments like,

  • BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020

  • BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021

  • DreamHack Masters Spring 2021

  • StarLadder CIS RMR 2021

  • IEM Cologne 2021

In all these tournaments, s1mple has showcased sublime form leading the team from the front and shining a light on his unmatched consistency. So far he has not registered an overall rating of less than 1.20 across all major tournaments.

According to esportsearnings, s1mple has earned $240,700 USD from his nine CS:GO tournament appearances so far in 2021. While last year, the star AWPer had managed to earn $123,200 USD across a total of 16 CS:GO tournaments.

With five more months still remaining before the year comes to an end, there are still a few big CS:GO tournaments still on the radar like the upcoming CS:GO Major, ESL Pro League Season 14, IEM Fall 2021, IEM Winter 2021, and more.

It will be interesting to see how Na'Vi performs in these tournaments, especially the Majors for which they are touted as being the top contenders to win it all.

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