S1mple Delivers A Strong Message To Haters After Winning IEM Cologne 2021


S1mple Delivers a Message to his Haters After Winning IEM Cologne 2021

As usual, s1mple had a few words for all the haters out there!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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S1mple had a strong message for all the haters following his victory at IEM Cologne 2021.
S1mple was announced as the MVP of the tournament as he finished with an overall rating of 1.51 across 14 maps.
Na'Vi has now won two consecutive CS:GO LAN tournaments 504 days apart and now stand just one victory away from winning Intel Grand Slam - Season 3.

Na'Vi star player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev led his team to a fabulous victory at IEM Cologne 2021. The 23-year-old brought his best form to the tournament, achieving a record four aces in an S-Tier event, most by a single CS:GO player. Not only that, Na'Vi despite the '2-1' run through the Group Stage did not drop a single map in the Playoffs, going '5-0' against FaZe Clan and G2 Esports to lift the trophy high. Throughout the tournament there were many who doubted s1mple but the AWPer kept his focus on winning, and after becoming the MVP of the tournament went on to deliver a strong message to all the haters.

S1mple to Haters After Winning IEM Cologne 2021

The MVP of IEM Cologne 2021 s1mple, was praised by a majority of the community including teams, talents, and other players for his incredible performance through the course of the tournament.

With an overall HLTV rating of 1.51 across 14 maps and a K-D difference of +151, s1mple proved to be the lethal carry for Na'VI as other players fulfilled their roles to elivate the team's performance to a whole other level. In his speech following Natus Vincere's victory s1mple delivered the following message to all his haters,

Hi Haters, I am here again. This is it, cameras, lights, everything, yeah just know your place haters. I am just kidding, just keep telling this s**t to me next time as well. It makes me more stronger you know!
Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev - Interview with ESL

S1mple with the straight forward message once again proved the mental fortitude that he carries when it comes to competing in Counter-Strike. This is not the first time that s1mple has spoken publicly to all his haters, as he said the following after winning DreamHack Master Spring 2021 over Gambit.

I am just happy for my team and I am sad for (the) haters. Those people say that someone is playing bad and he does not understand the problem that he (the player) has right now in real life, and because of it he is just trying to wake up himself you know. Feel bad for haters - nobody lost motivation, nobody has stopped practicing, everything is great.
Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev

The community were in complete support of s1mple and were appreciative of the transformation that he had shown since his early days, when he was known for being toxic within the server especially when playing FPL (FACEIT Pro League).

They highlighted how s1mple was always smiling these days, could be seen supporting his teammates when they messed up, acknowledging his own mistakes, and most importantly always putting team performance ahead of his individual records.

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