Nitr0 On Why Valorant Offers More Opportunities To New Players Than CS:GO


Nitr0 Thinks That Valorant Offers More Opportunities to New Players Than CS:GO

The veteran esports player delivered a strong opinion with sound reasoning.

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Nitr0 during a press conference spoke about why Valorant offers more opportunities to new and unknown players over CS:GO.
Nitr0 went on to state that the Valorant scene has a lot of growth for new players because CS has a lot of gatekeepers, requiring players to have significant experience.
However, nitr0 did mention that CS:GO players who transition to Valorant certainly hold a bit of an edge in the game initially.

Ahead of the 2022 competitive season, a slew of former CS:GO players who had switched to Valorant returned back to the Valve shooter. One of the biggest names in the North American scene to make this reverse switch was Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella, who left 100 Thieves' Valorant roster and returned to competing in CS:GO with Team Liquid.

In a recent press conference ahead of the ESL Pro League, nitr0 gave his opinion on how the competitive scene of Valorant was different than that of CS:GO, as he went on to state that the former was in a great spot, especially for new and upcoming players that want to play professionally.

Nitr0 announces his arrival to CS:GO and Team Liquid

Nitr0 announces his arrival to CS:GO and Team Liquid

Nitr0 explains why Valorant is better for new and unknown players than CS:GO

During a press conference prior to the final stage of ESL Pro League Season 15 the current IGL (in-game leader) of Team Liquid's CS:GO roster, nitr0, spoke openly when a certain question prompted him to compare Valorant's competitive scene to that of CS:GO's.

According to a transcript provided by Escore News, nitr0 expressed that Valorant's competitive scene is in a great spot at the moment and offers more opportunities for unknown players to showcase their talent.

"There’s a lot of newer talent, the best team in NA (North America) is actually a team full of people I’ve never really heard of from my CS (Counter-Strike) background," said nitr0, "I think their best player is from some random game, he isn't an experienced CS veteran. That scene has a lot of growth for new and up-and-coming players".

He did go on to mention that CS:GO players who transition to Valorant certainly hold a bit of an edge, but it can only get them so far in the game.

"I think a lot of people, especially the casuals, like that about the game, because CS has a lot of gatekeepers. You kinda have to have multiple years of experience," explains nitr0, as he went on to give the example of Joshua "oSee" Ohm, appreciating his grind in finally receiving an opportunity to play with Team Liquid after years of competing at the highest level in North America.

Comparing this to Valorant, nitr0 says that "In Valorant you just start playing the game, people notice you in ranked and invite you to scrim, and if you’re good, you got the job".

Despite extending support towards Valorant's growing scene and how it has provided a lot of young, new, and unknown players an opportunity to put their names out there, nitr0 was confident when saying "At the end of the day I like CS way more".

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