Nitr0 Explains Why He Left Valorant For CS:GO


Nitr0 Reveals Why He Left Valorant and Returned to CS:GO, Goals for 2022

Returning Team Liquid member explains the motive behind his decisions!

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Team Liquid's returning player, nitr0, explains why he left Valorant and came back to compete in CS:GO.
He reveals that after leaving Liquid his first choice was to stay and compete in CS:GO, switching to Valorant only after not receiving any good offers.
Nitr0 believes that realistically Team Liquid's CS:GO roster has the potential to be a top-five team in 2022.

Team Liquid's latest signing, Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella, returned to CS:GO after more than 1.5 years as he quit Valorant and joined his former North American esports organization. Despite taking a short retirement from the Valve shooter and competing professionally in Valorant with 100 Thieves, nitr0 never really got a proper feel for the game.

In his own words, the 26-year-old During an interview with Liquid, the 26-year-old said that "Counter-Strike’s a game that I’ve always played, my whole life. Valorant was…It was a game that felt right in the moment to switch to but my first option was not Valorant."

Nitr0 explains why he quit Valorant for CS:GO, motivation behind joining Liquid, and goals for 2022

Not only did nitr0 return to CS:GO, but he ended up joining his former organization Liquid once again while confirming that it was the only offer he had on the table. The best thing about all this is that the veteran rifler is satisfied to have reunited with the former core, after having to micro-manage a couple of players during his time competing in Valorant.

As to why he left Valorant and returned to CS:GO, according to nitr0 switching to another title was never an option for him initially, it was only after he failed to receive any good offers that the swap was made.

My first option was to still compete in Counter-Strike (after leaving Liquid in 2020) - so it’s not like I didn’t want to play. It was like, I wanted to play but there were no good offers that made sense in my mind, so I swapped.
Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella - Interview with Team Liquid

On top of this, while watching the recent PGL Major Stockholm 2021, nitr0 felt nostalgic as it brought back a lot of good memories and somewhere he felt that there was still a lot of fuel left in his tank for competing in CS:GO.

Nitr0 announces his arrival to CS:GO and Team Liquid

Nitr0 announces his arrival to CS:GO and Team Liquid

After a conversation with Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski, things moved fast and nitr0 was motivated to join Liquid once again to resume his journey in competitive CS:GO.

In Valorant I had a couple players who needed a little bit of micro-management and stuff like that so coming back to Liquid I had my experienced core again. I don’t have to micro as much as I had to in Valorant, so that’s kind of a relief. But a lot of it is just (that) I like playing at the highest level, I like traveling to compete and stuff like that and I think in Valorant there’s just not enough tournaments for me to be sufficed about. You have to do good at specific tournaments to play in the next like 3 months worth of tournaments. I like the open circuit competitive part of Counter-Strike.
Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella - Interview with Team Liquid

With Team Liquid's lineup set for the 2022 competitive season, as their new IGL (in-game leader) nitr0 thinks that realistically they have the potential to be a top-five CS:GO team. He thinks that they might not be the best right off the bat, but eventually as the players feel themselves out and the team starts coming together they are going to do great.

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