Teaser Shots From CS:GO Beta Version Of Tuscan Revealed


New Teaser Shots From CS:GO Beta Version of Tuscan Shared by Map Developer

The community is eagerly waiting for the revamped version of Tuscan.

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Catfood, one of the two map developers working on the CS:GO version of Tuscan has shared a few teaser images of the map.
Along with this he commented that the beta version of the map was taking longer than expected and that he hopes to have a release date soon.
In December 2021, catfood had released a walkthrough of the beta version with a statement reading "This updated beta version will be released early next year".

It has been more than a year since the beta CS:GO version of the legendary Counter-Strike map Tuscan was featured during a showmatch at the ESL Pro League Season 13. Since then a lot of work has been done by the two map developers “Catfood” and Colin "brute" Volrath, the latter being the creator of the original CS 1.6 version of the map.

In December last year, a complete walkthrough of the latest beta version of Tuscan was revealed with an announcement reading, "This updated beta version will be released early next year (2022)."

Unfortunately, three months into the new year there seems to be no news about the release of Tuscan's beta version. Following this, catfood came forward to comment on the same on 10th April and gave the community a glimpse of what they can expect from the upcoming CS:GO map through a few teaser shots.

Teaser photos from upcoming CS:GO beta version of Tuscan revealed by the map developer

Initial reports about the popular CS 1.6 map Tuscan being recreated for CS:GO surfaced in late 2020. The community considers it to be the official remake of the map for CS:GO because the original creator of the map, brute, is associated with this project.

Tuscan was immensely popular due to it being a very well balanced map considering overall gameplay. Sadly, it never saw the light of day after CS 1.6 as Valve decided not to include it as part of the active-duty map pool.

In an attempt to revive the map as a viable option for competitive gameplay, catfood and brute have been working in tandem for more than two years now.

They have created a good base for the map which has been adjusted to the current version of the game. Its closed beta version was released in January last year, which was playtested by multiple players and content creators. Everything across the map was still very raw and based on the feedback, further adjustments were made. This was followed by ESL using the upgraded version of Tuscan for CS:GO during the showmatch at ESL Pro League Season 13.

In December last year a CS:GO beta version walkthrough of Tuscan was released carrying the note 'Work In Progress' and it stated that an updated rendition of the same would be released in early 2022.

Three months into the new year, no release has taken place. Catfood publicly stated that it was taking a bit longer than expected but hoped to share a release date for the beta soon. He also posted a few teaser images of the map.

CS:GO version of Tuscan - Teaser Images

The CS:GO community is eagerly waiting for the beta version of Tuscan and is already suggesting that Valve replace it with Vertigo or Dust 2, the former being one of the least played maps in regular matchmaking, while the latter has been around for far too long.

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