User Combines Dust 2 And Mirage to Create a New CS:GO Map

User Combines Dust 2 And Mirage to Create a New CS:GO Map

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • User creates a new CS:GO map called 'Durage' which is a combination of Mirage and Dust 2.
  • The map consists of Mirage 'A-Site' and Dust 2 'A-site', along with many classic features from the two maps.
  • As the community has given a positive response to 'Durage', the user has come forward to announce another such map called 'Durage 2'.

CS:GO users never run out of ideas to come up with something exciting when it comes to creating content. A map creator recently decided to combine two of the most iconic CS:GO maps Dust 2 and Mirage, creating a new custom map which goes by the name of ‘Durage’.

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Durage - A New CS:GO Map Which Combines Dust 2 And Mirage

The bizarre idea of combining two of the most played CS:GO maps of all time was presented by u/DoorPrivileges, who shared it with the entire community almost a week back. This new custom map called ‘Durage’ was initially shared as a rough drawing of how the map would look like.

An overwhelming reception from the community gave a boost of confidence to the user who set about turning this idea on paper into an actual playable custom map. Within a couple of days time, u/DoorPrivileges had already completed multiple spots on the map like,

  • Mirage ‘A-Site’.
  • Entrance from ‘CT-Spawn’ to Dust 2 ‘A-Site’.
  • ‘T-Spawn’ to ‘Mirage ‘A-Site’.
  • Mirage ‘A-Site’ to Mid. 

Now a week later the user has come forward to share a short video where he showcases the map ‘Durage’. He starts off from the ‘Window’ going through the ‘Jungle’ into Mirage ‘A-Site’ and after exploring a bit goes back the same way towards Dust 2 ‘A-Site’.

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The way features from the two maps, Dust 2 and Mirage have been combined to form ‘Durage’ is mind-numbing with many from the community comparing it to the confusion that mirrored CS:GO maps are known to create. 

The creator of the map has decided to add on to this confusion by calling both the sites ‘A’ as a “running joke” from the community, he revealed that “The spray paints around the map leading you to the sites both say A and lead you to different sites”. This is something that the community has requested to be changed to ‘M-Site’ and ‘D-Site’ in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Overall the map received positive feedback from the community members and its arrival is keenly awaited. This seems to have been a successful project for the user who has already planned on making ‘Durage 2’ which will be once again a combination of Dust 2 and Mirage, but ‘B-Site’ instead of A.

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