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Multiple Source 2 Leaks Spotted for CS:GO Over the Last Few Days

Lot of sus activity by Valve developers this week!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Over the past few days a lot of Source 2 leaks related to CS:GO have surfaced which has the community excited.
This includes booting Cobblestone on Source 2, play testing on the Source 2 port of the current CS:GO version, and more.
Even in the latest Dota 2 update, multiple Source 2 codes related to CS:GO were discovered.

Valve seems to be ramping up its activity around the alleged Source 2 port for Counter-Strike according to multiple CS:GO sleuths like Aquarius, Gabe Follower, and more.

These developers who possess in-depth knowledge about the game, have found and leaked a lot of information along with proof, that collectively points towards serious work being done for the rumored upgrade towards the Source 2 game engine.

This includes a CS:GO developer trying out Cobblestone in Source 2, another developer trying out the Source 2 port of the current CS:GO version, and most recently some code related to Source 2 being spotted along with the huge Dota 2 update.

Valve seems to be working towards the long-rumored Source 2 port for CS:GO

This has been an exciting week for members of the CS:GO community as lots of leaks pertaining to a potential Source 2 update, sometime in the future, has been revealed by reputed leakers, along with substantial proof in the form of screenshots.

It started with Aquarius finding out earlier this week that one of the developers had loaded up "de_cbble_s2" which is nothing but the Source 2 version of the community-favorite map Cobblestone.

This seems to be in line with the six other CS:GO maps that were being tested for the Source 2 port by the developers in early July.

Screenshot shared by Aquarius

This was followed by a far more exciting leak as Gabe Follower found out that a Source 2 port of the current CS:GO version was being used by the developers - on App ID: 730 which is public.

All of this was strange because the developers could have also used App ID: 710 which is private and if this was a test for the current version of CS:GO they would have booted - instead of the one mentioned above.

Now, with the release of the huge Dota 2 update that introduced the latest Battlepass for the game, a lot of code related to CS:GO was also discovered that pointed towards a Source 2 leak.

In a thread, Aquarius breaks it all down and states that the code mostly contained 'Protobufs' which are used to relay information from the user to the game and then sent forward to the server.

However, these type of codes have been tampered with since they first appeared as part of a Dota 2 update on 4th June earlier this year, based on which Aquarius states that "All in all this update means that some work has been done for CS:GO on Source 2."

The uncertainty of CS:GO porting over to the Source 2 engine is as high as it ever was, but leaks are definitely picking up pace and hopefully the community will finally receive what they have long been itching for.

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