Most Popular CS:GO Maps In First Six Months Of 2022


Most Popular CS:GO Maps in 2022 (Jan-June): Mirage, Nuke, Inferno, More

Here are the most picked CS:GO maps so far this year.

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Statistical analysis website, Leetify, has conducted a thorough research and analysis to find the best CS:GO maps in the first six months of 2022.
More than 5.2 million matchmaking matches have been analyzed in order to obtain the below mentioned statistics.
As per this analysis, Inferno is in the top three most played maps and Vertigo has a pick rate that is more than double of Ancient's.

There are a few CS:GO maps that never go out of style no matter what. They are instant hits and remain popular amongst the players, continuing their domination for literal decades with a few changes every now and then to keep things interesting.

On the other hand, some maps fail to make an impact initially but slowly grow on the playerbase with time, as the community starts appreciating certain features after getting influenced by professional players and content creators.

Here are the most popular CS:GO maps in the first six months of 2022 (January to June) based solely on official matchmaking, according to information collated by Leetify.

Most popular CS:GO maps in the first six months of 2022

CS:GO stats analysis website, Leetify, recently conducted a thorough analysis with a sample size of more than 5.2 million official matchmaking matches played between Janaury and June this year, with an objective to find the most popular maps in the game.

This excludes data from third-party services like FACEIT, ESEA, and more. Solely considering the information taken from the general userbase that enjoys playing the game on Valve servers via Steam using the official matchmaking system.

Based on this research and analysis, the top nine CS:GO maps that the community has preferred to compete on are as follows,

  1. Mirage - 29.6%

  2. Inferno - 20.7%

  3. Dust 2 - 20.5%

  4. Nuke - 8.1%

  5. Overpass - 6.8%

  6. Cache - 5.7%

  7. Vertigo - 4.9%

  8. Ancient - 2.1%

  9. Train - 1.6%

If the sample size is accurately taken as 5.2 million matches as referenced above then the percentages reflect the following number of matches,

  1. Mirage - 1,539,200 Matches (29.6%)

  2. Inferno - 1,076,400 Matches (20.7%)

  3. Dust 2 - 1,066,000 Matches (20.5%)

  4. Nuke - 421,200 Matches (8.1%)

  5. Overpass - 353,600 Matches (6.8%)

  6. Cache - 296,400 Matches (5.7%)

  7. Vertigo - 254,800 Matches (4.9%)

  8. Ancient - 109,200 Matches (2.1%)

  9. Train - 40,000 Matches (1.6%)

This grants great insight into the types of maps that the majority of the players like to play. Here are some quick takeaways from these statistics:

  • The top three maps - Mirage, Inferno, and Dust 2 make up for more than 70% of the matches which is roughly about 3.6 million matchmaking matches. This creates a huge disparity in comparison to the other maps.

  • Cache despite not being a part of the active duty map pool seems to be a hit amongst community members, well above Vertigo, Ancient, and Train. Maybe it is time that the revamped map is put back in circulation by Valve.

  • Nuke after facing a lot of hate and criticism in the past seems to have slowly found a loyal playerbase. It is the fourth most favorite map, which is a positive sign, and stands above a lot of other good maps.

  • It comes as quite a surprise that Vertigo has a greater pick rate than Ancient, double as per the stats. For all the hate that the map faces, it is doing fairly well in comparison.

It will surely be interesting to see how this map pick rate changes, if at all, in the next six months. Maybe the standings will be more or less the same, or Valve could just shake up some things by tweaking the existing maps and introducing new ones to turn things around.

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