KennyS Talks About His Future And Career


KennyS Talks About His Future: "Maybe I'll go to Valorant, maybe CS:GO"

The legendary AWPer speaks up about his future!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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After being absent from the CS:GO competitive circuit for over a year, kennyS spoke about his future and career plans.
KennyS made it clear that he does not know what the future holds, "Maybe I will go to Valorant, maybe CS:GO, or maybe I might just be a content creator".
As for his career, kennyS in the short term wants to develop IRL content for his YouTube channel as he wants people to know him outside of his streams as well.

It has been over a year since Kenny "kennyS" Schrub was last seen on the competitive CS:GO circuit. One of the most legendary players who revolutionized the way an AWP was used, through his aggressive playstyle with the weapon, was shifted by G2 Esports to its inactive lineup in March 2021.

Since being benched by G2 Esports, kennyS has gone ahead and tried his hands at different things including streaming, playing Valorant invitational tournaments, and much more, but there were still doubts about his return to CS:GO.

In a recent, nearly two-hour-long, interview with kennyS, conducted by 1pv in French, the 26-year-old opened up about a lot of things including what his future holds and plans about his career.

KennyS opens up about his future and what he plans to do with his career

KennyS has been trying out a lot of things in his time away from the CS:GO competitive circuit, like growing his presence across social media on Twitch and YouTube. However, the French AWPer never spoke about the direction he wanted to take going ahead.

In a recent interview translated from French to English by neL, kennyS revealed that he had gotten tired of life and training. He said that, "I'm a competitor and want to be the best, but over the years, mentally, it was complicated. Especially when your career is in decline".

This is why he decided to take a break after having played CS:GO professionally for more than 12 years, further stating that he is not announcing his comeback, which might happen in "2 years, 1 year, or in 6 months time, I don't know".

Talking about his future an uncertain kennyS said that, "We don't know what the future holds. Maybe I will go to Valorant, maybe (continue) CS:GO, or maybe I might just be a content creator and do something different".

The former G2 AWPer confirmed that he does not like Counter-Strike and does not miss the competition either. As for Valorant, he could have been a professional player at the game because of all the offers that came his way.

"If I want to play another game, people have to stop thinking I'm going to go pro (just) because I stream VALORANT," added kennyS.

As for his career, kennyS said that he is currently working on multiple projects, developing IRL (in-real life) content for his YouTube channel in the short term as he wants people to know him outside of his streams as well.

"I can't play a f**king FPS without wanting to win. That's my problem," adds kennyS, "That's why I need to offer something different on YouTube, why not become a big content creator, as others have done".

Apart from his future and career, kennyS spoke about a lot of other things like the arrival of Nikola "NiKo" Kovač to G2 Esports, his comeback attempt with François "AMANEK" Delaunayas, and more in this nearly two hour long interview.

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