KennyS Drops 40 Kills In Valorant Debut At Blast Spike Nations 2


CS:GO Star KennyS Drops 40 Kills in His Valorant Debut at Blast Spike Nations 2

The French professional was on fire.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO star kennyS registered a colossal 40 kills in his debut Valroant match at BLAST Spike Nations 2.
The French AWPer has been absent from top-tier competitive CS:GO since March 2021, as he continues to warm G2 Esports' bench.
KennyS recently spoke his mind about the future after having tried streaming and content creation in the last few months.

French CS:GO star Kenny "kennyS" Schrub was in sublime form in his professional Valorant debut yesterday on 8th Oct 2021. Currently competing at the BLAST Spike Nations 2, which is a $60,000 USD charity Valorant tournament featuring 12 teams, kennsyS registered 40 kills with Jett in his first-ever competitive Valorant match on Icebox.

The aggressive Counter-Strike AWPer who was amongst the best players in the world from 2013-2017, has been absent from top-tier action since March 2021. During his time off, kennyS has turned towards streaming on Twitch and content creation, which involves a lot of Valorant along with an attempt at vlogging as well.

CS:GO star kennyS registers a colossal 40 kills in his Valorant debut

The French AWPer, kennyS, has been warming G2 Esports' bench for the past seven months. He is still part of the organization as an inactive player, but is unsure about his future in CS:GO. In a recent statement to Dexerto, the 26-year-old opened up to state that "It there is no space for me in CS, I will find it elsewhere".

Having said that, the once aggressive marksmen has shown great potential when it comes to Valorant, debuting a banger performance with the feared duelist Jett.

Participating in the ongoing BLAST Spike Nations 2 along with another veteran French Counter-Strike player Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt, kennyS registered an incredible 40 kills to his name as part of his professional Valorant debut.

He was unstoppable on Jett, an agent with a movement-based skillset that requires high mechanical skills to be utilised effectively, the perfect pick for kennyS as it suits his inherent aggressive playstyle.

The man single-handedly took the game into overtime for Team France, as they came back from a '12-8' deficit to win the match '15-13' against Team Portugal. His overall individual stats as follows,

  • ACS (Average Combat Score) - 405

  • K / D / A - 40 / 21 / 5

  • ADR (Average Damage per Round) - 243.7

  • Headshot Percentage - 19%

  • First Kills / First Deaths - 12 / 2

KennyS after his Valorant performance

At the moment, kennyS is unsure with regards to his future but has given a clear statement about as to his thought process. After registering such an outstanding performance at his first-ever Valorant tournament, kennyS may have gotten some clarity on the matter which may lead him down a viable path for his future.

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