Karrigan Names 5 CS:GO Teams That Are a Threat to FaZe at IEM Rio Major 2022

FaZe Clan is keeping an eye out for these teams!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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5 CS:GO Teams That Area A Threat To FaZe Clan


Karrigan names the five CS:GO teams that could potentially be a threat for FaZe Clan at the IEM Rio Major 2022.
FaZe Clan was the first CS:GO team to qualify for the Major through the European RMR A.
It was not at all an easy qualifier for FaZe Clan as four of its five maps went into overtime, despite not facing any world class teams.

The international roster of FaZe Clan has become the first CS:GO team to qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022. The team defeated Team GamerLegion, Fnatic, and Sprout to go '3-0' in the European RMR A.

Despite not facing world class opponents, FaZe experienced a real hard time winning its matches - four out of the five maps they played went into overtime. This has raised concerns within the community regarding FaZe Clan's upcoming performance in the main event.

Finn "karrigan" Andersen in a recent interview with Jaxon, pointed out the five CS:GO teams that are the biggest threat to FaZe Clan at the Major, subject to their qualification for the tournament.

Five CS:GO teams that are the biggest threat to FaZe at IEM Rio Major according to Karrigan

FaZe Clan has not had the easiest time winning its qualifier matches, but nonetheless, the team managed to attain three consecutive victories and qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022

It has been an exhausting hustle for both the FaZe players and their fans, resulting in the following meme going viral within the CS:GO community.

This has made karrigan acknowledge that FaZe has been pushed to its limits by each team they faced at the European RMR A, "I have been surprised ,that to of the teams that were fine playing Nuke against us."

Having said that, karrigan still did not consider them to be the real threat for FaZe and then went on to name the five CS:GO teams which he considers have the potential to end their Major run.

  1. Team Vitality

  2. G2 Esports

  3. Cloud9

  4. Team Liquid

  5. Natus Vincere

His response was mostly based on the performance he witnessed at the ESL Pro League Season 16.

"There is a smaller gap now than there has been the whole year between competitors and us. Maybe there isn’t even a gap anymore. We will find out at the IEM Rio Major," concluded karrigan.

FaZe Clan qualifies for IEM Rio Major 2022

Out of the five teams mentioned by karrigan only Liquid and NAVI have managed to qualify for the Major. Only time will tell if other teams make it through their respective RMR qualifiers or not.

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