K0nfig to Miss Rio Major Qualifier With Astralis CS:GO Team Due to Injury

Setback due to injury once again.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Astralis will be undergoing a change in its CS:GO roster ahead of the IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR A.
This roster change is a result of k0nfig suffering a "complicated ankle fracture" just a few weeks before the Major qualifier.
He will be replaced by MistR who is the official reserve player for Astralis.

Astralis suffers a massive set back ahead of the IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR A as its entry fragger, Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke, suffered a "complicated ankle fracture" with only a few weeks left before the event.

The Danish esports organization announced that k0nfig will be replaced by the team's official reserve player, Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen, from Astralis Talent - its own academy team.

According to the official statement by Astralis, k0nfig has suffered a complicated fracture in his ankle and "will require a lot of rest over the coming days and weeks".

Astralis CS:GO team will be competing without k0nfig at the IEM Rio Major 2022: European RMR A

Following its setback at the ESL Pro League Season 16 where Astralis failed to make it past the group stage and qualify for the playoffs, the Danish lineup has suffered another massive blow with k0nfig suffering an ankle fracture, throwing a wrench in its plans for the Major qualifiers scheduled to start from 4th October.

He will be replaced by the 18-year-old Astralis Talent rifler, MistR, who is the official reserve registered by the side for the tournament. Being a part of the organization means that he will be better attuned to how the team plays and operates, but it is still a huge blow for the side and the team might struggle to cross the finish line.

For k0nfig, this is not the first time in his career that a sudden accident has impaired him from competing in a certain tournament. Last year, k0nfig had missed out on an opportunity to compete at ESL Pro League Season 14, with Complexity Gaming, after suffering a freak accident that resulted in him breaking and fracturing his right wrist.

k0nfig talking about his wrist injury

It will definitely be a huge task for Astralis to get MistR up to speed with everything and bring their team game in sync within such a short span of time.

Will this be the reason for Astralis to not make it to the IEM Rio Major 2022 or will the team still be able to power through the European RMR A?

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