JW, Flusha Create New CS: GO Esports Organization EYEBALLERS


JW, Flusha Create New Esports Org With Historic Name 'EYEBALLERS'

Their aim is to find and support young Swedish talent for CS:GO.

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Swedish Legends, JW and Flusha have come together to create a new esports organization called EYEBALLERS.
With this, they revive the historic name EYEBALLERS which was popular during 1998 across Counter-Strike and Quake.
The organization is aimed at developing the local talent in Sweden, providing them with a platform to reach new heights.

Swedish CS:GO legends, Jesper “JW” Wecksell and Robin “flusha” Rönnquist, have announced the creation of a new Swedish esports organization called EYEBALLERS, reviving the historic name that was popular during the late 1990s and 2000s across Counter-Strike and Quake.

The three-time Major champions will be part of both the new organization and the Swedish CS:GO team it currently fields, comprising of three other youngsters alongside them - Anton “⁠Sapec⁠” Palmgren, Casper “⁠SHiNE⁠” Wennerberg, and Leo "⁠Svedjehed⁠" Svedjehed.

According to EYEBALLERS, the organization seems to relish all sorts of challenges while promising to entertain, excite, progress, and never quit on its journey.

Swedish legends JW and Flusha create new esports organization called EYEBALLERS

The formation of this Swedish organization is aimed at developing the local talent, providing them with a platform to help realize their potential and reach new heights.

JW, who is not only a player but also the CEO and Founder of the organization says "We are very excited to bring back EYEBALLERS and use it as a platform to develop Swedish Counter-Strike. Our long-term vision is to take back a legacy brand and make Swedish fans proud once again."

The organization has secured the trademark from the previous owners and has decided to base the new age EYEBALLERS out of Avesta, Sweden.

Here, they will be starting out by focussing on Counter-Strike, either trying to make it back to the top which is their ultimate goal or help young Swedish talents rise and make it to the big leagues.

"We want to become a leading voice in esports , because to us - gaming is everything," says JW, who wants to cherish the great history that the brand has to offer while adding their own "cocky inputs".

The new organization will be receiving ample support from multiple sponsors like JBL Quantum, Peas of Heaven, Bitskins, Black Molly Entertainment, and Frame.

The organization will be taking baby steps up to the international stage and will be seen in action under the EYEBALLERS banner for the very first time at the upcoming Svenska Elitserien Spring LAN Finals, which is a domestic league set to take place in Stockholm from 10th to 11th June.

EYEBALLERS CS:GO lineup is as follows,

  • Jesper "⁠JW⁠" Wecksell

  • Robin "⁠flusha⁠" Rönnquist

  • Anton "⁠Sapec⁠" Palmgren

  • Casper "⁠SHiNE⁠" Wennerberg

  • Leo "⁠Svedjehed⁠" Svedjehed

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