Jame Talks About CS:GO Player Salaries


Jame Talks About CS:GO Player Salaries, Explains How Income Is Decided

It's Jame time!!! Class is in session and the topic is player salaries.

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Virtus.pro captain, Jame, in a recent interview spoke about the player salaries of a CS:GO athelete.
He also explained how various factors help in determining the final income of a CS:GO player.
Jame concluded by saying that, "I have heard some players are earning salaries up to tens of thousands of dollars per month".

The esports culture has still not refined to the point that there is enough transparency when speaking about player salaries and contracts. Russian CS:GO player, Dzhami "Jame" Ali, shed some light on player income by providing an estimate of how much an athlete at a certain level might be earning as part of the competitive circuit.

Jame also pointed out the factors that influence the income of a CS:GO player within the salary estimates provided by him, whether they are placed towards the upper end of the band or the lower.

He also revealed his own salary at the start of his career in 2017, "At the beginning of my career, I received $300 USD (INR 23,319)," said Jame, during an interview with Gazeta.ru.

Jame talks about factors that determine the salary of a CS:GO player and how much do they actually earn

In a recent interview which was primarily in Russian, Jame spoke about a lot of things including CS:GO player salaries. With roughly six years of experience under his belt, Jame provided the estimated income of players across various levels and the factors that help in determining their worth.

Jame started by pointing out that the final income of a CS:GO player depends on their overall rating, how much competitive experience they have, and how big of an influencer or personality they are across various social media platforms.

The 23-year-old went on to reveal his own salary at the beginning of his career as $300 and based on it provided the following estimates, "I would distribute the salary levels as follows: Novice players earn $300 to $1500 (INR 1,16,595) and experienced players have a salary of $1500 to $3000 (INR 2,33,190) per month."

He further explained that the top players in tier-one clubs earn $3000 to $8000 (INR 6,21,840) every month, whereas the few international superstars earn upwards of $8000.

"I have heard that some players are earning salaries up to tens of thousands of dollars per month," said Jame, providing a comprehensive list of CS:GO salary estimates while educating the audience about the factors that are taken into consideration when finalizing the income.

Aside from salaries, Jame also spoke about his personal career, how the Virtus.pro lineup was dealing with the sanctions placed against them by multiple esports organizations, due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, and his plans for the future.

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