NAVI CS:GO Players Create Historic Record


NAVI CS:GO Players Create History by Earning a Record $236 per Kill in 2021

Another achievement for NAVI in 2021.

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NAVI earned a staggering $236 USD per kill in 2021, which resulted in a historic record for the Ukrainian organization.
In total NAVI earned $4,275,500 USD in tournament prize money, enabling them to register the most successful year ever for a CS:GO team.
The other nine CS:GO teams in descending order of total prize money earned in 2021 are Gambit, G2, Vitality, Heroic, VP, Astralis, BIG, NIP, and Liquid.

Natus Vincere (NAVI) has enjoyed an absolutely fantastic CS:GO season last year. Not only did they win all the big tournaments of 2021, including the PGL Major Stockholm and Intel Grand Slam Season 3, but they also created some historic records individually and as a team.

Adding to this already brilliant tally is another record set by all the NAVI CS:GO players collectively. Due to their performance in tournaments and the results achieved, NAVI was able to earn a staggering $236 USD (INR 17,753) for every kill secured in 2021.

To make things even more interesting, this has resulted in a total amount of $4,275,500 USD (INR 32,16,14,013), enabling NAVI to register the most successful year ever for a team in CS:GO history!

NAVI creates a historic record by earning $236 per kill in 2021

The Ukrainian CS:GO organization had a beautiful 2021, all thanks to its lineup coming together and dominating the circuit outright to the extent of it eventually being labeled as the 'NAVI Era'.

All their victories resulted in a total sum of $4,275,500 USD being earned by the NAVI players, which became the highest prize money earned by a CS:GO team in a single competitive season.

Doing some serious research and putting some basic maths to great use, CS:GO stats analyzing website found out exactly how much did the team earn per map, round, and kill in 2021.

NAVI CS:GO stats for 2021

Having played a total of 5,277 rounds of competitive CS:GO across 15 tournaments, NAVI players helped the team earn $810 USD (INR 60,930) per round irrespective of winning or losing them. On the other hand, if the 198 maps played are taken into perspective then NAVI earned $21,593 (INR 16,24,281) per round.

The top nine CS:GO teams that followed NAVI in descending order of total prize money earned in 2021 are as follows,

With two CS:GO Majors lined up for 2022 along with the fourth season of Intel Grand Slam, the stakes are going to be higher than last year as the competitive circuit slowly returns to normalcy.

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