NAVI Breaks Record for Highest Prize Money Earned by CS:GO Team in Single Year

Natus Vincere brought in the trophies along with the cash.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>NAVI Sets Record For Most Prize Money Earned In Single Year</p></div>

NAVI Sets Record For Most Prize Money Earned In Single Year

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NAVI has earned $4,275,500 USD from 16 CS:GO tournaments in 2021, setting a new record for most prize money earned by a CS:GO team in a calendar year.
With this, NAVI has broken Astralis' previous record of $3,651,650 USD from 20 tournaments, which they had set in 2018.
This is the most successful year for any team in the history of CS:GO, in terms of prize money won in a single year.

Natus Vincere (NAVI) has had a magnificient 2021 when it comes to competitive CS:GO. It is safe to say that the Ukrainian esports organization has had the most successful year ever in its history, winning four consecutive LAN tournaments in a row, including the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

In total, NAVI has won eight trophies in 2021 which has helped them establish their own era in CS:GO, while also earning $4,275,500 USD in prize money from 16 tournaments as per data available on Esports Earnings.

This has resulted in NAVI setting a new record for maximum prize money earned by a CS:GO team in a calendar year, beating Astralis' previous record of $3,651,650 USD accrued across 20 tournaments in 2018.

NAVI beats record held by Astralis for most prize money won by CS:GO team in one year

Natus Vincere has had the best possible year that a CS:GO organization could dream of, that too with a rookie, Valerii "b1t" Vakhovskyi, who became a permanent member of the team in April 2021.

NAVI claimed the Intel Grand Slam Season 3, defended their BLAST Premier title by winning the World Final 2021, proved how strong they were on LAN at IEM Cologne 2021, and were crowned as the world champions after winning the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

NAVI - PGL Majot Stockholm 2021 Champions

Out of the 16 tournaments that NAVI participated in they won eight of them, this includes a 100% win rate on LAN in 2021. It would have also gone unbeaten on LAN but unfortunately they dropped a series against Team Liquid at BLAST Premier: World Final 2021.

All this success has resulted in NAVI grossing a total of $4,275,500 USD through tournament prize money, highest by any CS:GO team in a calendar year. NAVI has managed to beat Astralis' previous record by $623,850 USD to register the most successful year for a CS:GO team based on prize money won.

This is only the second time that NAVI has managed to earn more than a million in prize-winnings. In 2018 the organization had manged to earn $1,164,750 USD from 24 tournaments.

A few notable tournaments that NAVI participated in 2021 are as follows,

  • BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 | $500,000

  • BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021 | $225,000

  • PGL Major Stockholm 2021 | $1,000,000

  • ESL Pro League Season 14 | $195,000

  • Intel Grand Slam Season 3 | $1,000,000

  • IEM Cologne 2021 | $400,000

  • DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 | $100,000

  • BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 | $600,000

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