Insane Vertigo Trick Allows CS:GO Players To Move Outside The Map


Insane Trick on Vertigo Allows CS:GO Players to Move Outside Map Without Falling

Defenders on Vertigo be like, "I am speed!!!"

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO player Enfohip shares an insane trick on Vertigo which allows users to move outside the map without falling down.
Enfohip explains that this trick that makes use of the skybox bug. As they runboost over the skybox at the right time it does not bloom and the player starts levitating.
This trick is obviously not permitted in a competitive setting but players might be able to use it sometime in regular matchmaking for some fun.

Vertigo has been a controversial CS:GO map since it became a part of the active-duty map pool. The changes made by Valve since the map's release have improved it quite a lot from a gameplay perspective, but the majority of the community members still do not like it from a viewer's perspective.

While many teams have managed to come up with great tactics to play the map to their advantage, with well-timed rotations, all-out brawls to push defenders from the site, and quirky setups to catch the enemy by surprise, there is still a lot left in the map to be explored.

This is exactly what a CS:GO player called 'Enfohip' took advantage of and seems to have found something rather unique on Vertigo, which the CT-sided players can utilize to gain a huge upper hand on the attackers.

CS:GO player finds an insane trick on Vertigo that could "change the meta"

A CS:GO player, Enfohip, has shared a rather unique clip that shows how players can quickly glide around Vertigo from outside the map without falling down.

It is not too difficult to replicate this because all it takes is one player to crouch in a specific position on the map and runboost his teammate, the player that jumps automatically starts levitating in the air instead of falling down.

The reason for this is unknown, but Enfohip had a few things to say about how this is possible. According to him, it is possible to glide around Vertigo due to a skybox bug that does not bloom if the player lands on top of it at the right time.

"We just found this right now. Apparently you can do that with runboosts. So, if I runboost over the skybox at the right time I am supposed to fall, it will go on forever," explains Enfohip, while executing the jump and gliding around on Vertigo.

The players were able to travel around the map at accelerated speeds from outside the intended or legal play area after executing this run-boost. However, it is unclear if the bullets fired from this position would have been accurate or not.

Of course this is not meta changing in anyway because it is likely not legal to be used in a competitive setting, but players might be able to use it at times during regular matchmaking just to have fun or mess around.

The clip has already taken over the CS:GO community as players continue to express their surprise over this fascinating discovery, pondering as to how anyone could come across something like this which is equal parts stupid, fun, and brilliant.

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