CS:GO Community Debates On Legality Of Vertigo Boost Position


CS:GO Team Shows Unique Boost Position on Vertigo, Community Debates Legality

Do you think this 200IQ position on Vertigo should be legal?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Levitate recently showcased a unique boost position on Vertigo which went viral across the CS:GO community.
It started a community wide discussion about the legality of the boost positioning, with many calling it a breach of competitive integrity.
As the incident occurred during an ESEA online league, it was deemed legal as per its guidelines and the same was conveyed by the ESEA Support as well.

Vertigo is one of the maps which still continues to bamboozle many professional CS:GO teams. Despite the map undergoing multiple changes since being introduced to the Active Duty Group in March 2019, it is has failed to attract a lot of players and is not too popular within the community.

However, Vertigo still delivers as a solid map every now and then, especially if a team is able to find unique positions and quirky tricks around the map, which has plenty of risky nooks and crannies to fit into.

Recently, a North American CS:GO team called Levitate was able to find one such sneaky boosted position on the 'A-Site' of Vertigo. While the 200IQ move played out wonderfully for them, it also resulted in a debate within the community with regards to its legality in a competitive environment.

CS:GO community debates over the legality of this unique boost position on Vertigo

Vertigo is one of the lesser-explored CS:GO maps, so players tend to find a lot of surprising spots to gain crucial information on the enemy team or take them down by surprise from unsuspecting positions.

In a recent match between North American teams Levitate and Cyberstorm during an ESEA tournament, Levitate performed a fascinating boost to position one of their players in a unique position on the 'A-Site' of Vertigo during the 28th round of the match.

This was a powerful position right on the edge of the map, properly hidden from the advancing T-side, and the player holding this position made proper use of it to win the round for his side.

The clip above went viral across the CS:GO community, as a debate over the boost position's legality became the topic of discussion. While some counted it as a type of pixel walk that would be punished in a competitive setup, others were of the opinion that this was more of a ledge issue and would not fall under the same category.

In regards to the setup of the online ESEA league in which Levitate and Cyberstorm were competing, this boost position seems to be completely legal. On ESEA's support page, the difference between pixel walking, pixel boost, and standing on a ledge that is part of the map design has clearly been mentioned.

Standing on ledge in CS:GO which is part of map design

As this match was part of an ESEA online league, the boost by Levitate on Vertigo was completely legal and there was no breach in competitive integrity of the game.

Additionally, a CS:GO player who goes by the name of James "bevve" Slinn allegedly reached out to ESEA Support and got a response stating that "Per ESEA/ESL Senior League Ops that spot is 100% legal and can be used in League/Pugs and the majority of events hosted on ESEA".

Response from ESEA Support about Vertigo spot

While this boost is legal in ESEA League and pugs (pick up games), it may not necessarily be valid in other tier one CS:GO tournaments, and it shall mostly depend on their rules and regulations.

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