IEM Rio Major 2022 Sets New CS:GO Viewership Record on Day One

The tournament is certainly living up to all the hype!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>IEM Rio Major 2022 Sets New CS:GO Viewership Record</p></div>
IEM Rio Major 2022 Sets New CS:GO Viewership Record


IEM Rio Major 2022 has started off with a record breaking viewership on the first day of the Challengers Stage.
With a peak of 745,304 viewers on the first day, this has become the most viewed Challengers Stage across all the CS:GO Majors.
IEM Rio Major 2022 has an average of over 457,000 viewers across a total airtime of 14.5 hours.

The extremely hyped IEM Rio Major 2022 has been very loud and entertaining, maybe not so much for the viewers in attendance with all the Brazilian teams in distress, but the online attendance has been excellent.

Keeping up with all the expectations, the Rio Major has already managed to break the viewership record by attaining a peak of 745,304 concurrent viewers on the first day of the Challengers Stage, according to data from Esports Charts.

The spike in overall viewership was observed during the first-round match between the home favorites, Imperial Esports, and the French juggernauts, Team Vitality, contributing heavily to the new viewership record established for the Challengers Stage of a CS:GO Major.

IEM Rio Major 2022 sets new CS:GO viewership record on the opening day of the tournament

All the three Brazilian teams in attendance - FURIA Esports, 00 Nation, and Imperial Esports failed to impress on the inaugural day of the IEM Rio Major 2022. Out of the six matches played by the three teams only FURIA managed to qualify for the '1-1' bracket, the remaining two now facing elimination if they lose another match.

The audience was left disappointed at the end of the day, but they kept the passion alive during live play by showing support for the home teams through loud continuous chants and celebrating every single frag.

Even the online viewers were having a blast enjoying the tournament, setting a new Challengers Stage record for CS:GO Majors as more than 745,000 concurrent viewers poured in from streams across all languages and platforms, except China.

The two leading streams that contributed the most to this record-breaking viewership number were the English and Portuguese/Brazilian (hosted by Alexandre "Gaules" Borba) language streams, both clocking a peak of more than 308,000 viewers.

At the end of day one, the IEM Rio Major 2022 had averaged over 457,000 viewers following an air time of 14.5 hours. In comparison to both PGL Stockholm Major 2021 and PGL Antwerp Major 2022, this is pretty significant as they averaged less than 600,000 viewers throughout their entire run.

Peak concurrent viewership numbers across all CS:GO tournaments

Both the previous Majors were able to achieve a record-setting peak of more than two million viewers during the grand finals. It remains to be seen if this tournament can stay on track to trump those records and set a new milestone.

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