Gambit Esports Holds Bootcamp In Germany For European RMR


Gambit Esports

Gambit's CS:GO Roster to Bootcamp in Germany Ahead of European RMR

The Russian esports organization will extend its stay in Germany.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Gambit Esports' roster has decided to extend its stay in Germany despite its elimination from the ESL Pro League Season 15.
The players of the Russian esports organization will be bootcamping in Germany in preparation for the upcoming European RMR.
Gambit Esports is part of the European RMR B which is scheduled to take place from 21-24 April on LAN in Bucharest, Romania.

Gambit Esports playing under the banner of 'Players' at the ESL Pro League Season 15 was eliminated from the tournament following a rough '2-1' defeat in its opening match of the playoffs stage.

However, instead of returning back to Russia following its elimination, the players have decided to bootcamp in Germany to prepare for the upcoming European RMR, which is acting as the qualifier for the PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

Gambit Esports is yet to make an official announcement regarding this matter. However, the team's support rifler Timofey "interz" Yakushin posted an update on his official Telegram channel about the team's current status.

Gambit Esports to continue its stay in Germany instead of returning to Russia

The Russian esports organization Gambit Esports allowed its CS:GO lineup to compete in the ESL Pro League Season 15, following all the guidelines imposed by the tournament organizer, which forced teams that had an apparent connection with the Russian government to not participate in the tournament.

Gambit's players lined up under the moniker of 'Players' and competed in the event, putting up a strong performance as they went '4-1' in the group stage, standing second overall in 'Group-C' to qualify into the playoffs.

Unfortunately, they could not proceed any further as they lost their opening playoff match against FaZe Clan, following a poor performance.

The five players and coach Konstantin "groove" Pikiner have seemingly decided returning back to Russia, and have instead decided to extend their stay in Germany to prepare for the upcoming Europen RMR.

An update by internz on his Telegram channel stating "Staying in Germany to train for the minor" confirmed the extension of their stay.

Statement by Internz on Telegram

So far no other information has been shared by the organization or any other teammate about their bootcamp in Germany. However, it is being speculated that the team might be staying here until the tournament kicks off on 21st April on LAN in Bucharest, Romania.

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