Former CS:GO Pro Stewie2K Shares Plan to Play Valorant Competitively

Just can't stay away from the competitive circuit.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Former CS:GO Player Stewie2K Shares Plan To Go Pro In Valorant</p></div>
Former CS:GO Player Stewie2K Shares Plan To Go Pro In Valorant


Former CS:GO player, Stewie2K, during a recent Twitch stream shared his plans of competing in Valorant professionally.
Stewie2K had announced his departure from competitive CS:GO just two weeks ago to focus on content creation and streaming.
Stewie2K is currently a part of 'Creator Collective' under Evil Geniuses and has laid out his plans of how he wants to go professional in Valorant.

One of the Counter-Strike legends from North America, Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip, who recently stepped away from CS:GO to focus on content creation and streaming has laid out his plans to compete professionally in Valorant.

The 24-year-old has been streaming regularly on Twitch and yesterday on 11th August while playing on Icebox (Valorant map), Stewie2K suddenly decided to share how he plans to go professional in Valorant.

This comes as a bit of a surprise because in his farewell statement Stewie2K had specifically said that he would be streaming as part of Evil Geniues' (EG) content creation team and stay focussed on it.

However, he had also mentioned that "My future isn't determined" and it seems like he is ready to start working towards his next goal, to compete in Valorant professionally.

Two weeks after stepping down from CS:GO, Stewie2K has shared plans of going pro in Valorant

The smoke criminal, Stewie2K, faced a lot of criticism following a disastrous run with Evil Geniuses in the first half of the 2022 circuit. Forget lifting a trophy or even making deep runs, the EG roster was not even able to qualify for multiple tier one tournaments.

This development comes after Stewie2K was already left weary from burdening a mediocre run last year with Team Liquid, who have fared considerably better this season.

With the pressure mounting and Stewie2K finding himself streaming more than competing in CS:GO, the North American veteran decided to hang his boots and step away from the competitive scene with a vision to continue making content and streaming for EG.

Stewie2K drops a cheeky hint related to VALORANT

Two weeks later, it seems Stewie2K is determined to compete once again but this time in Valorant. He revealed his plans during a recent Twitch stream, as he interacted with his viewers while enjoying a game on Icebox.

"Every day I’ll be on stream. I’ll be grinding ranked. I’ll be trying to get into scrims," said Stewie2K, "LCQ happens, (then) Champions will happen. Off-season comes, franchising comes."

The determined player went on to make a promise to his audience, "Even if I miss franchising, I’m going to keep streaming, watch and be a student of the game and then get picked up. We’ll try. We’ll see how everything pans out.”

For now, it seems Stewie2K has embarked on a new journey and knows what he wants to achieve. The roadmap seems set and it all boils down to how hard he can work towards achieving the set milestones. Only time will tell if everything falls in place for him or if there will any change in plans.

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