FalleN Shares Imperial Esports Preparation For Rio Major


FalleN Talks About Imperial Esports Preparation for IEM Rio Major 2022

A CS:GO Major in Brazil without them will be incomplete.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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FalleN has confidence in his team and wants to give his best with Imperial Esports at the American RMR to qualify for the Rio Major.
FalleN admits that the road ahead is going to be hard for Imperial Esports, so they have to use their time well and work on their strengths.
FalleN also mentions how incredible the atmosphere is going to be at the Major with the level of passion and enthusiasm that the Brazilian crowd brings.

The IEM Rio Major 2022 is still more than a month away but the qualifiers for it are just around the corner. As teams prepare to book themselves a slot in the first ever Major to take place in Brazil, the Imperial Esports lineup is also pulling up its socks in preparation for the same.

With its roster consisting of legends like Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, and Lincoln "fnx" Lau, it will be a tragedy for all the Brazilian fans if they were to miss out on competing in this tournament.

This is a special tournament for the former Major champions and they will be giving their absolute best to play in front of the home crowd.

Talking about how Imperial is going about preparing for the IEM Road to Rio: American RMR, during a recent interview with Dexerto, FalleN said that they don't have much time left and it is definitely going to be a hard fight so they will have to use the time on their hands really well.

Ahead of the IEM Rio Major 2022: American RMR, FalleN gives an update on the team's preparations

A total of 16 teams from North and South America will be fighting for just six available slots at the upcoming IEM Rio Major 2022 qualifiers.

It will be quite the hustle especially for Imperial Esports, the home favorites represented by some of the most legendary CS:GO players who are responsible for putting Brazil on the map.

If the team does fails to be one of the final 24 teams competing in the Major, this tournament will definitely feel very empty, just because of its legacy.

Talking about how the preparations for Imperial Esports is going, FalleN goes on to state that, "To reach (Rio Major), even though we don’t have much time left, we’ve got to be playing much better. It’s going to be hard so we have to use our time well and put in motion the things we know are good in the game. You have to know what you have to do, but you also have to do it, and I think this roster can do those things.”

He understands the urgency of the situation along with the level of competition that the team will be facing on the road ahead, but he is confident in this lineup.

"I think if the Major (would have) happened the first time there was a chance we wouldn't be there," admits FalleN, referring to the ESL One Rio Major that was cancelled due to the global health situation at that point in time.

However with the current roster at his disposal, FalleN believes that "We have the pieces to get there. I have to believe in that otherwise we have no chance fighting for it."

FalleN about the IEM Rio Major 2022

He further goes on to praise the audience of Brazil and the passion with which they follow CS:GO, commending the atmosphere which is going to bless the entire tournament and all the teams fortunate enough to compete in it.

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