Fallen Shares CS:GO Retirement Plan And Impact On Life


Fallen Talks About CS:GO Retirement Plan, Impact on Life at His Age

The Brazilian legend discusses a few things personal.

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During the press conference for IEM Cologne 2022, FalleN spoke about how CS:GO impacts his life at the age of 31 and also talked about his retirement plans.
Talking about his retirement, FalleN said that he might play for a little bit more, "I want to play for maybe a year and a half, maybe a little bit more, but that's it."
FalleN further shared that despite living together with his wife since 2019, she has spent more time alone than with him, highlighting how CS affects his life.

Veteran Brazilian CS:GO player, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, shared his personal experiences while answering some questions that came his way during the IEM Cologne 2022 press conference.

He spoke about when he plans on taking a step back from his professional career and even highlighted how the highly competitive nature of the game has started affecting his personal life at the age of 31.

His teammate, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, also contributed by sharing his own experience as to how their age has no correlation to the way they perform in the sever.

FalleN shares the impact of CS:GO on his life while also sharing his retirement plans

The two-time Major winner and one of the most legendary CS:GO players from Brazil, FalleN, during the press conference held for IEM Cologne 2022, gave everyone a rough idea of when he is planning on hanging up his boots and taking a step back from competitive CS:GO.

"I set myself to play a little bit more. I want to play for maybe a year and a half, maybe a little bit more, but that's it," replied FalleN, talking about when he plans on finishing competing in CS:GO, "I'm going to do other stuff in life. It might be related to CS, but I want to enjoy other stuff too. Let's see how it goes. It's a very complicated topic to talk about."

Message from ESL to Imperial Esports

The recently turned 31-year-old went on to highlight how the game he is so passionate about has taken a toll on his personal life, especially at his current age. FalleN revealed how despite living together with his wife since 2019, she has literally spent more time alone than with him despite currently staying under one roof.

"Playing competitively since 2006, having turned professional in 2009, my whole life has revolved around Counter-Strike, including my marriage, which is now going for 11 years and basically started as a long-distance relationship," said Fallen, "We started living together in 2019, and basically the goal was to stay together, but you know, CS life can be pretty tough, and she spent more time alone than with me, even though we are living together."

Fer also chimed in agreeing with FalleN and said that prioritizing personal life becomes important at their age as he is about to turn 31 himself in October later this year.

He pointed out that CS in no way is the problem, "I don't think it's a factor in your performance, to be honest. Maybe it's more about your eagerness to play or priority in life."

Imperial Esports will be taking on Outsiders in the play-in stage, scheduled to take place on 5th July at 16:10 IST. The team has not put up any significant performances since its Major debut in Antwerp, maybe things might change at IEM Cologne 2022.

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