EliGE Confident About Beating Heroic At ESL Pro League Season 15


EliGE Confident About Winning Against Heroic at ESL Pro League Season 15

The North American rifler is ready to take on the Danish side.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Team Liquid had just managed to qualify for the playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 15 by attaining a '3-2' scoreline in 'Group-C'.
EliGE performed well individually for Team Liquid in the group stage and attained a rating of 1.15 with a K/D of +16 across 11 maps.
The talented entry fragger while speaking about Liquid's match against Heroic in a recent press conference was confident about beating them '2-1'.

Team Liquid despite a strong start in the group stage of ESL Pro League Season 15 barely made it past the finish line to qualify for the playoffs. The team started off brilliantly, handing both BIG and GODSENT clean '2-0' defeats to stand atop the 'Group-C' points table.

However, defeats against Movistar Riders and Players (Gambit Esports) pushed them down, as they ended the group stage with a '3-2' scoreline and a third place finish.

Despite the slight setback, veteran Liquid player Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski is confident about giving a good fight to Heroic and beating them with a '2-1' scoreline in their upcoming opening match of the playoffs stage, scheduled to take place later tonight on 6th April at 22:30 IST.

EliGE on match against Heroic in the playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 15: "We will win 2-1"

Liquid's star rifler, EliGE, has shown great form in the ongoing ESL Pro League Season 15. Not only is he doing a lot of heavy lifting for the side but has enthralled the audience with his exemplary entry fragging skills as well.

With an overall HLTV rating of 1.15 so far across 11 maps with a K/D of +16, EliGE has stood out as the 22nd best player in the tournament during the group stage.

Top 3 players for Team Liquid

Backed by a good individual performance and great team chemistry, EliGE is looking forward to Liquid's opening bout against Heroic in the playoffs. Talking about the same in a recent press conference, EliGE said that Heroic was a good matchup for them and that they will be able to beat them with a '2-1' scoreline.

According to a transcript provided by Escore News, EliGE said that "Overall, we have been playing pretty well in the past couple of months, even though we are a brand new team. We only played against tournament winners in our last competitions. We had really good matchups against them. Next, we are going to play against Heroic, and you’ll see a similar thing. It will be a good matchup for us, we will win 2-1. I’m not gonna say if it will be close or not."

While Liquid placed third in its group, Heroic was slightly better as it finished second in 'Group-D' with a '4-1' scoreline. Heroic won all their matches except the one against NAVI where it received a heavy loss, winning just 12 rounds across two maps.

Despite EliGE's resounding confidence, Heroic is the clear favorite when it comes to the best-of-three series which will be taking place later tonight, starting from 22:30 IST.

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