Dupreeh Defends  Lucky Against Haters After Loss Against Vitality


Dupreeh Defends Astralis' AWPer Lucky Against Haters After Loss Against Vitality

Dupreeh stands up for the the young marksmen against haters.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Dupreeh stands in support of Lucky, defending him against haters and trolls following Astralis' loss against Team Vitality.
Lucky is the newest player to join Astralis and so far he has not been able to consistently put up good performances.
The 18-year-old is the youngest player for the side and this is his first time competing in the tier-one competitive circuit.

Astralis suffered a clean '2-0' loss against Team Vitality yesterday at BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2021. The Danish roster went down '16-12' on Vitality's map Overpass. Despite the slow start they had a golden opportunity to comeback in the series on Nuke, as they held a '14-7' advantage early on. Unfortunately, Astralis could not convert this into a win due to Vitality's nine-round streak that won them the map '16-14'.

Senior players Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth and Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen led the charge for Astralis across the two maps. However the latest member of the team, Philip "Lucky" Ewald failed to make any significant impact, which led to him facing a lot of hate and blame from a portion of the community.

Dupreeh was the MVP for Astralis against Vitality

While Lucky chose to ignore, dureeh stood up for the 18-year-old marksmen, defending him against the trolls and haters that were mocking him.

Dupreeh stands in support of Lucky against haters and trolls

The latest Astralis recruit Lucky has been brought into the side as a young AWPer with a lot of potential, the downside is that this is his first time playing Tier-1 competitive CS:GO.

He has been shaky so far, but there have been glimpses of some beautiful plays every now and then as he tries to adjust to Astralis' gameplay, while getting familiar with his role within the team.

The fact that the Astralis' main roster itself is not stable at the moment, with a lot of internal shuffles taking place across tournaments is only adding to his problem. All this just makes his job of adapting all the more difficult, which directly impacts his performance in the server.

Following Astralis' loss against Vitality yesterday at BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2021, Lucky was singled out by haters and trolls who blamed him for not stepping up and delivering, having close to no impact on the team's performance.

While the youngster chose to ignore all this and made no public comment, such negative backlash is bound to have an impact on a player at a mental level.

Coming to his rescue was none other than dupreeh who commended Lucky by saying that he was doing his absolute best, trying to fill a massive void in a very short span of time. He further persuaded users to send positivity and encouragement towards Lucky, so that Lucky may perform better going ahead.

It will be interesting to see how Astralis performs against Liquid tonight. A win shall help them qualify for Fall Finals whereas as a loss sends them rolling down to the Fall Showdown.

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