Dreams & Nightmares CSGO Weapon Case - Everything We Know So Far


Dreams & Nightmares CS:GO Weapon Case - Everything We Know So Far

Here is a low down on everything we know about the upcoming Dreams & Nightmares CS:GO Weapon Case.

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Valve recently announced a $1 million USD art contest for all CS:GO content creators to select 10 weapon finishes for an upcoming case.
The developers further gave some details related to the Dreams & Nightmares Weapon Case like weapons available in it and their rarity.
The community had some speculations off their own which were backed with factual data.

Valve announced a $1 million USD art contest for all CS:GO content creators yesterday, with an objective to select 10 original dream or nightmare-themed weapon finishes for an upcoming case. Each of the 10 winnings entries would receive a sum of $100,000 USD with 21st October being the submission deadline. Visiting the dedicated website for the CS:GO art contest made it clear that the shortlisted weapon finishes would feature in the 'Dreams & Nightmares Weapon Case'. Valve has given a bit of an insight as to what players can expect from this case, which is clearly not affiliated to the upcoming CS:GO Major.

Dreams & Nightmares CS:GO Weapon Case: What We Know So Far

Dreams & Nightmares Case - Weapon Finish Concept

The weapon finishes in the upcoming 'Dreams & Nightmares Case' is definitely going to have a lot of detailed graphics on them, with possible intricate designs, and great colour combinations.

There is a high chance of it being attached to some mythical lore, inspired from a popular fictional character, an adaptation of a popular novel, or something truly original right out of a creator's bizarre thoughts.

All this is evident from the weapon skin examples showcased by Valve, "To help content creators get a better feel for what we’re looking for." The complete set of weapon finish examples can be seen by 'Clicking Here'.

Valve Example - Hyper Beast (AWP)

CS:GO Operation Shattered Web Logo

Dreams & Nightmares Case - Weapons Within The Case

This piece of information has been officially revealed by Valve themselves. It was necessary to do this in order to inform the CS:GO content creators about the different weapons available within the case and the rarity those particular weapons would be offering.

Here are the specific weapons that will be featuring in the Dreams & Nightmares case along with their rarity,

  • Convert



  • Classified


    Dual Berettas


  • Restricted






  • Military Spec








Dreams & Nightmares Case - Weapons and Rarity

Dreams & Nightmares Case - Rumours and Speculations

All the information being discussed in this section needs to be taken with a pinch of salt because almost all of it is community speculation, backed by factual data.

Majority of the community is off the opinion that the upcoming Dreams & Nightmares Case is most likely to feature in the next CS:GO Operation, which would be the 11th for Counter-Strike. This opinion is roughly based on these two points,

  • The logo that was launched along with the art contest called 'CS:GO Dreams & Nightmares Workshop' is similar in theme and design to the logos of the previous two operations - Broken Fang and Shattered Web.

  • Not only this, the winners of this art contest are scheduled to be announced on 21st November, which is very close to the release dates of the last two CS:GO operations.

    Shattered Web (9th Operation): 18th Nov 2019

    Broken Fang (10th Operation): 3rd Dec 2020

This is all the information we have about the upcoming Dreams & Nightmares Case which is still considerably quite a long way off. Valve might be releasing another weapon case in the interim, possibly before the upcoming CS:GO Major.

For detailed information about the ongoing art contest 'Click Here'.

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