CS:GO Update Valve Cracks Down On Griefing With Stricter Punishments


CS:GO Update: Valve Cracks Down on Griefing With Stricter Punishments

Griefing in CS:GO can now lead to some serious consequences!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve has taken a strict step when it comes to punishing griefers in CS:GO along with the 21st July Update.
Valve will only take action against a potential griefer if they receive an unusually high amount of reports, first getting a warning, followed by harsh competitive cooldowns.
This comes just weeks after Valve introduced the 'Fair Play Guidelines' along with pop-up warning messages when accept match option comes.

Valve, following the launch of the $1 million art contest for all CS:GO content creators, also dropped a new update for the game. The highlight of this 21st July Update was taking a strict step towards griefing in CS:GO. After taking steps towards filtering text and giving players an option to mute players, both opponents and teammates, Valve has now taken steps to ensure that griefers are not only blocked by other players but punished for griefing as well. In the latest CS:GO update Valve has come forward to state that, "Players that receive unusually high amounts of griefing reports will get a warning, followed by escalating competitive cooldowns."

Griefers in CS:GO to be Handed Harsher Punishments

Valve has taken a huge step to ensure that griefers are heavily punished for their behaviour. However, this is dependent upon the amount of reports that a griefer receives. If a particular player is troubling or harassing their teammates across multiple matches and receives "unusually high amounts of griefing reports," only then will any action be taken against that griefer. Otherwise, there is a chance that they may go unpunished, so players have to make sure that they report a griefer when they come across one.

First time around, the griefer will be handed out just a warning similar to how a player receives one before getting a ban on the basis of toxicity. However, if the behaviour continues, the griefer will be handed a competitive cooldown which has a potential to keep escalating in duration.

This is another huge step taken by Valve to keep the community clean and less toxic, handing out punishments to those who actually deserve them. Just a few weeks back Valve had added 'Fair Play Guidelines' along with a new warning message pop-up that appears along with the 'Your Match Is Ready!' accept option.

CS:GO Fair Play Guidelines Message

There is a bit of a concern within the CS:GO community that four-man stacks would be able to abuse this, which would lead to a non-griefer getting punished. However, Valve has specifically mentioned that the number of reports would need to be "unusually high" for them to take action against that user, and four reports from a single match clearly does not fit this criteria.

Having said that, the scenario is still plausible just a little more scarce in number. The feature has rolled out today and only time will tell if it turns out to be an effective tool to combat griefers or not.

The complete list of patch notes can be read by 'Clicking Here'.

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