CS:GO Pro Shares 3 Unknown Tricks On Inferno


CS:GO Pro Shares Three Unknown Tricks on Inferno

These tips and tricks might help you clutch a round on Inferno.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Professional CS:GO player, NaToSaphiX shares three unknown tips and tricks on Inferno with the community.
The CS:GO community give a positive response, supporting the Danish rifler, and asking for more such content.
NaToSaphiX is currently playing for Complexity Gaming in the ESL Pro League Season 14 as a substitute for k0nfig.

Complexity Gaming stand-in, Niels "NaToSaphiX" Sillassen who has joined the team for ESL Pro League Season 14, presented the CS:GO community with three new tips and tricks on Inferno which he claims are still unknown, "I have yet to see (these being) used in pro play."

The community actually found these to be quite helpful and appreciated NaToSaphiX for sharing it with them. There were a few discussions surrounding their viability but nonetheless, they seemed to be an instant hit.

NaToSaphiX is currently working on building a presence on both Twitch and YouTube where he has garnered more than 96,000 followers and 140,000 subscribers, respectively.

NaToSaphiX shares three new tips and tricks on Inferno with the CS:GO community

NaToSaphiX is currently playing with Complexity Gaming at the ongoing ESL Pro League Season 14, replacing Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke on the active roster as he recovers from a wrist injury which might take about 4-6 weeks to heal.

The tricks shared by NaToSaphiX were appreciated by the CS:GO community, though their viability in normal matchmaking scenario was a matter of discussion. The Danish rifler claimed the following tips and tricks to be unknown, something that was still not being used by other professional players.

1. Molly to disrupt 'CT-Spawn' smoke

NaToSaphiX first showed three variants to throw the smoke from 'Banana' to block off 'CT-Spawn' vision while playing T-sided. He then proceeded to show a simple Molotov that CT players could use to disrupt the T-sided smoked from landing in the correct position.

The Molotov actually burns the slope of the wall and the area right below it where the smoke usually bounces from, causing it to deploy incorrectly and leaving a huge gap for the defending players.

NaToSaphiX states that this trick is "Pretty niche but might have some uses in certain late-round scenarios."

2. Smoke towards 'Balcony' to fake 'A-Site' execute

The next tip is actually pretty amazing that could definitely result in an easy round win for the T-side when it comes to regular matchmaking. The smoke lineup enables the attacking side to throw a smoke from 'Balcony' near 'Second Mid', all the way towards 'Balcony' on 'A-Site'.

He provides additional tips on how the T-side can further sell the fake 'A-Site' hit by combining the smoke with a flashbang.

3. Supporting CT-side 'Window' peek with a smoke

NaToSaphiX shows an alternate strategy that players can use to gain advantage on the mid-peek from 'Window' towards 'Second Mid' while playing as CT. Despite being the regular flashbang, he has come up with a smoke lineup that blocks vision of the T players holding 'Balcony' and 'T Apps'.

Except for the first tip which is quite situational and might not come in use on a regular basis, the other two tips can actually elevate your gameplay and give you more ways to play on Inferno.

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