ZywOo 1v3 Clutch Defuse With Pistol Against Heroic On Inferno


[Watch] ZywOo 1v3 Clutch Defuse With Pistol Against Heroic on Inferno

The French star keeps delivering no matter the weapon.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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ZywOo dominated Heroic on Inferno by securing a 1v3 clutch defuse, armed with just a USP-S.
He managed to defuse the C4 with less than a second to spare after avoiding a crossfire set by Heroic.

The summer player break has come to an end as teams go up against each other at the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 14. Both Heroic and Vitality are currently on top of Group-A, the former currently on a '4-0' win streak while the French organization has lost just a single match so far. Their encounter on 18th August was fierce, winning each other's map picks before playing the decider on Inferno.

Vitality star player, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut gave it his best shot but could not salvage the series in favor of Vitality. However, he did get the highlight clip of the match on the back of his insane 1v3 clutch defuse in the second pistol round of the last map, Inferno.

ZywOo dominates Heroic with pistol to secure 1v3 clutch defuse on Inferno

ZywOo was in his element as Vitality went up against Heroic in a hard fought three-game series. After exchanging maps, the two were playing for the win on Inferno, the first half going in favor of Vitality as they managed a one round lead.

Heroic started off strong playing T-sided, successfully planting on the 'A-Site' with a 3v1 advantage. However, ZywOo, eager as ever, went in for the hunt as it was just the pistol round and it ended up being the highlight of the entire series.

ZywOo took his sweet time before moving into the site, predicting all too well where the three players could be. He took the first frag within the 'A-Site' but then instead of going for a fake defuse, continued his hunt. Though he had to jiggle and dodge a bit, ZywOo ended up getting the better of the Heroic crossfire, defusing with less than a second to spare on the clock.

Armed with just a USP-S, ZywOo was able to extend Vitality's lead to two rounds, unfortunately this was not enough to guarantee them a victory on the last map. As they lost '2-1' to Heroic and registered their first loss at ESL Pro League Season 14.

Vitality is still going strong though, currently placed second in Group-A right below Heroic who still remains undefeated in the tournament so far. Vitality will be playing their last match of the Group Stage later tonight against the Russian esports organization, Team Spirit.

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