CS:GO Player Hits An Improbable No Scope From B To A On Nuke


[Watch] CS:GO Player Hits an Improbable No Scope From B to A on Nuke

Imagine hitting a shot from one site to the other.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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This CS:GO player successfully secures an insane no scope on Nuke, hitting the enemy from one site to the other.
The no scope headshot unfortunately had no skill behind it and was a fluke as the player randomly kept firing towards the ceiling.

CS:GO maps are generally designed in such a way that the two sites are always quite far apart, making it near impossible to secure a frag from one site to the other. However, this feat can still be achieved on the CS:GO map Nuke where the 'A-Site' and 'B-Site' are literally on top of each other. Well, CS:GO user 'CapeZERA' was able to hit this one in a million shot while randomly firing the AWP from 'B' to 'A'. The first shot did not connect, but the second one was a no scope right through the ceiling and too a headshot. The user seemed to have used up all his luck to possibly get the best clip of his life in CS:GO.

A one in a million shot in CS:GO from one site to the other

CS:GO, despite being almost a decade old, is packed with enough surprises and content and users are still able to shock the community with their clips and discoveries every now and then.

In a similar fashion, CS:GO user 'CapeZERA' was able to charm the community with his fluke rather than skills as he connected a successful no scope with an AWP. This might not seem special at all, in fact it is something quite common in CS:GO, but this no scope was hit from one site to the other.

And not only was it a regular no scope, it was a head shot right through the ceiling of 'B-Site' on Nuke, as the opponent went down somewhere on the 'A-Site' clearly confused as to where was he shot from.

No scoping in CS:GO is a trademark of domination especially if it is being served in the above manner, which is a straight-up disrespect. But this cannot be counted as the player's skill as the shot was not at all intended and was a fluke.

However, there is a TikTok CS:GO creator called 'csgogoezhack' who is disgustingly talented in hitting no scopes although with a bit of a help from bizarre day to day objects like lemons, scissors, dental floss, toothpicks, and more. Maybe he can try securing a kill from one site to the other as part of his next clip?

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