CS:GO Player Takes Incredible 1v2 Clutch With 1 HP On Dust 2


[Watch] CS:GO Player Takes Incredible 1v2 Clutch With 1 HP on Dust 2

When a decoy grenade becomes a game changer!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO players takes a flawless 1 HP clutch on Dust 2, taking down two enemy players and equalizing the score.
The player also showcased the perfect way to utilize a decoy grenade to win a clutch.

CS:GO is an incredible game that does not always reward the player with the best aim victory, and sometimes all it takes is a perfect move and clever use of a specific utility. A CS:GO player, 'u/tzinga7' recently took an incredible 1v2 clutch on Dust 2, as he survived the round with just 1 HP to take down two players and equalize the score. Playing CT-sided and having lost the pistol round, the player had to fight back hard to win the second round for his side armed with a stolen Galil AR, Deagle, and one Decoy grenade. The player took his time executing a flawless defuse while showcasing just how useful a decoy grenade could be if used correctly at the right time.

Incredible 1v2 clutch with just 1 HP to spare on Dust 2

It is not easy to win the second round after you lose the opening pistol, just because of the economic imbalance and this situation only becomes worse if you are playing CT-sided. A CS:GO player found himself in a similar situation on Dust 2, as he was left stranded on 1 HP up against two T-sided enemy.

Luckily, the player had managed to secure himself a Galil AR along with a decoy grenade, giving him a dim 1% chance of clutching the round. He had little to no information about the enemy position, making his way towards the 'A-Site' where he found the first T. From here on the CT player went on to execute an incredible clutch to equalise the score '1-1'.

A superb jiggling execution took care of the first enemy as the situation was successfully turned into a 1v1. The C4 went down on the 'B-Site' as the player quickly upgraded to an AK-47 before making his way to the other site.

This is when the 200IQ move of faking the opponent with a decoy grenade kicked in, as he entered the site uncontested and shot his opponent down easily before defusing the C4 and winning the round for his side.

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