CS:GO Player Discovers An Absurd Way To Move The C4 Around On Dust 2


CS:GO Player Discovers an Absurd Way to Move the C4 Around on Dust 2

There is a way to move the C4 around on Dust 2 without picking it up!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The CS:GO community was surprised to find out that there is an absurd, alternate way to move the C4 around on Dust 2 without picking it up.
The discovery was accidentally made when a CS:GO user tried to hide the C4 with the football on 'T Plat', moving it slightly instead.
This is not something critical and will likely not lead to anything game-breaking.

It is going to be a decade since CS:GO launched in August 2012 and the game still continues to pack surprises. It was recently revealed to the CS:GO community that there is an alternate way to carry the C4 around the map on Dust 2, without actually picking it up. This accidental discovery was made by 'u/El_Pinoles17' who was simply trying to hide the C4 with the football present at 'T Plat'. When the football was kicked by the user, instead of covering the C4 the ball deflected after hitting it and moved the explosive slightly.

This surprised both the user and the community, as no one expected such an interaction to take place, which might be a bug or as Valve likes to call it, a 'feature'.

Community surprised as CS:GO player finds a weird way to move C4 on Dust 2

It is too vanilla to hand the C4 to one of the players and move it around the map. While this is still a necessity on almost all the maps, there is an alternative when it comes to the iconic Counter-Strike map Dust 2.

Though this secondary method might be absurd and completely inefficient, it still exists in the game and has caught the CS:GO community by surprise.

A player, while enjoying a game of CS:GO on Dust 2, randomly made this discovery while playing as CT. It was the third round of the match and the scores were levelled at '1-1' when the user had successfully lurked all the way till 'T Plat' and found the C4 lying right in front of him.

The user decided to try and hide the C4 by kicking the football over it. To his surprise, the ball deflected after hitting the C4 while also moving the explosive. The player did not expect such an interaction to take place as a realization settled in that CT-sided players could move the C4 around the map through the help of the football.

This is certainly not something that is critical and very unlikely to result in anything game breaking. However, it is still being debated if this is an intended feature by Valve or some sort of a bug.

The majority pointed out popular Counter-Strike YouTuber 3kliksphilip's video on this topic, as he has already demonstrated how physical objects impact the C4 and its movements.

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