CS:GO User Creates Counter-Strike for Nintendo DS, Shows Gameplay on Dust 2

CS:GO User Creates Counter-Strike for Nintendo DS, Shows Gameplay on Dust 2

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A game programmer is currently working on a project, creating Counter-Strike for handheld device Nintendo DS.
  • He has so far created certain parts and functions of the game along with the classic map 'Dust 2', uploading a short gameplay as well.
  • Previously, an unofficial version of CS:GO for mobile devices was also released along with one for consoles like Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

A game programmer who goes by the name of ‘Fewnity’ is currently creating Counter-Strike for the handheld game console Nintendo DS. He has been working on this personal project for more than 2 months now and recently released a short gameplay video on Dust 2. This custom version of Counter-Strike is still under development, but certain basic features like killing other players, respawn at the next round, and planting-defusing C4, have already been added to it. The recently released Dust 2 gameplay shows that this version of Counter-Strike is slightly different, as the game has been recreated from scratch due to no direct Source Engine to Nintendo DS port option available.

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Nintendo DS version of Counter-Strike under development

Nintendo DS is a handheld console that is almost 2 decades old, released in 2004-2005. Despite Counter-Strike being an even older game, it never released for this device. Well, a game developer called ‘Fewnity’ is about to change that, as he is currently working on a Nintendo DS version of the popular competitive shooter.

A few gameplay videos already released by the creator shows him roaming around the classic map ‘Dust 2’, which has been recreated by scratch using DevKitPro, Libnds, and Nitro Engine libraries. This version will also be available for Nintendo 3DS via the TWiLight Menu, enabling more users to enjoy the game across multiple handheld consoles.

CS:GO User Creates Counter-Strike for Nintendo DS, Shows Gameplay on Dust 2

Dust 2 Gameplay on Nintendo DS

The ‘Dust 2’ gameplay of this underdevelopment version of Counter-Strike looks quite grainy which might dissuade a few users, but ‘Fewnity’ came up with a solution “to double the textures resolutions on Nintendo DS”. This makes the game look slightly better on the handheld console.

Apart from this, both the guns and the agents within the game are completely different in appearance due to graphical limitations. But the gameplay aspect remains completely unaltered, keeping this version raw and unfiltered.

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A lot of constant updates and improvements rolled out by the creator further refines the game, only making it better. Some big changes being worked upon by ‘Fewnity’ includes, 

  • Adding all CS:GO weapons.

  • Proper gun sounds.

  • Another Counter-Strike map Inferno.

  • A PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3D/2D version as well, with cross-platform online gameplay.

  • Giving players an online game mode with 6 players per party limitation.

  • A single-player game mode with bots for players to practice and improve.

  • Publishing the game, complete with a tutorial on how to install it, along with the source code to further develop the game.
CS:GO User Creates Counter-Strike for Nintendo DS, Shows Gameplay on Dust 2

All Counter-Strike users that own any of the above-mentioned handheld devices will be eagerly looking forward to this version of the game. Finally, getting a chance to use them once again. This version of the game is still under development and it may further improve as it nears its completion.

With this, we now have Counter-Strike on another new platform along with an unofficial mobile version called ‘Global Offensive Mobile’, and an Xbox 360 / Xbox One variant called ‘Counter-Strike:GO’.

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