Registers Biggest Comeback Ever on Dust 2 at ESL Pro League S13 Registers Biggest Comeback Ever on Dust 2 at ESL Pro League S13

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  • registers the greatest comeback ever on Dust 2 in the history of competitive CS:GO.
  • They achieved this feat after defeating ENCE following an incredible comeback from a '15-3' deficit on Dust 2 as CT-side.
  • VP eliminates ENCE from ESL Pro League Season 13 and moves ahead to face off against Complexity tomorrow.

Russian esports organization (VP) pulled off an insane comeback against ENCE at the ESL Pro League Season 13 - Playoffs yesterday on 3 April 2021. VP on the back of a dominating CT-sided performance pulled off the biggest comeback ever witnessed on Dust 2. With Dzhami “Jame“ Ali and Alexey “qikert” Golubev leading the charge, VP won the final map of the series after facing a ‘3-15’ deficit at one point in time. A comeback from such a position while playing CT-sided on Dust 2 had never been observed before in the history of competitive CS:GO, as VP took down ENCE ‘19-17’ in overtime.

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VP Pulls Off The Biggest CS:GO Comeback Ever on Dust 2

Jame and his boys pulled off an insane comeback yesterday against the revamped CS:GO roster of the Finnish organization ENCE, at the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 13. The 2 teams were facing each other in the first round of the playoffs stage, and the 3 game series turned out to be one of the most intense matches witnessed at the tournament so far.

After both VP and ENCE were able to secure wins on their own map picks, Inferno and Train, the decider took place on Dust 2. The first half was dominated by ENCE playing CT-sided who continued to build upon this lead by racing off to the map point. With the scoreboard reading ‘15-3’, VP slowly started to make their way back into the game, resulting in a historic comeback for the side which had never been witnessed before on Dust 2. 

VP took the game from a ‘15-3’ deficit all the way into overtime and then converted it into a ‘19-17’ win for the side, creating history by registering the biggest comeback ever recorded on Dust 2 in competitive CS:GO. This was the first time ever that a team playing CT-sided had managed to win a map after being ‘15-3’ at one point in time. Registers Biggest Comeback Ever on Dust 2 at ESL Pro League S13

Overall it was Jame who was the standout player for VP with an overall rating HLTV rating of 1.35 and a K-D ratio of +20. He was followed by Buster, Qikert, YEKINDAR, and SANJI, all of whom played well under pressure, especially on Dust 2. The win over ENCE keeps their journey alive in ESL Pro League Season 13 for now, as they move ahead to faceoff against Complexity tomorrow.

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As per stats represented on HLTV Consultant - Petar Milovanovic, since CS:GO was released 8 years ago around 9,899 competitive games have been played on Dust 2, out of this 253 times a team has had a ‘15-3’ lead while playing T-sided in the second half, and only 1 CS:GO team has managed a comeback - Registers Biggest Comeback Ever on Dust 2 at ESL Pro League S13

Though this was a tough slog for the Russian organization, VP seems to be in extremely high spirits after the victory. It will be interesting to see how far can they go in the tournament, considering that they still have to win 4 matches in order to lift the trophy, and after the insane comeback against ENCE they might be running low on luck.

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