CS:GO Maps With Most Cheaters And Hackers


CS:GO Maps With Most Number of Cheaters and Hackers

The huge VAC ban wave resulted in the following findings!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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According to research by Leetify, the ratio of legit players to cheaters and hackers has been found for each popular CS:GO map.
More than 5.4 million unique accounts were tracked and processed for the month of July 2022 to collate the required data for this particular study.
No surprise here, but the most played CS:GO map turned out to be the hotspot of cheating and hacking activity - Mirage.

Valve has been very active in the last few months, sprucing up its VAC system (Valve Anti Cheat) to combat multiple popular hacking and cheating tools, resulting in accounts with low trust factor receiving a ban from the platform.

CS:GO stats analyzing website Leetify conducted a survey following this crackdown against cheaters and hackers and examined more than 5.4 million unique accounts that played matches. This was processed by Leetify in the month of July earlier this year.

Its findings helped in tracking down which CS:GO map served as the hotspot for the most amount of cheating and hacking related activities.

CS:GO maps ranked according to the amount of cheating and hacking activity

The research conducted by Leetify was very insightful with a total of 5,406,921unique accounts being surveyed out of which 32,344 had received a VAC ban for cheating or hacking in CS:GO.

Overall, the percentage of users that turned out to be cheaters was 0.52%. This means that 32 players out of every 10,000 were using unfair methods to gain an advantage in CS:GO, getting caught for the same.

Taking this a level deeper, all the unique accounts were segregated according to the maps they competed on, Mirage leading the pack as usual with 1,450,148 unique players, followed by Dust 2 and Inferno with more than a million users each.

The outcome for all the maps in descending order on the basis of ratio of cheaters to users was found out to be as follows:

  1. Mirage | 1,450,148 players | 11,775 cheaters | 0.81% cheater ratio

  2. Office | 98,814 players | 630 cheaters | 0.64% cheater ratio

  3. Dust 2 | 1,026,836 players | 6,184 cheaters | 0.60% cheater ratio

  4. Inferno | 1,023,159 players | 5,533 cheaters | 0.54% cheater ratio

  5. Nuke | 4,68,333 players | 2,480 cheaters | 0.53% cheater ratio

  6. Vertigo | 2,91,379 players | 1,400 cheaters | 0.48% cheater ratio

  7. Cache | 353,042 players | 1,591 cheaters | 0.45% cheater ratio

  8. Train | 120,510 players | 534 cheaters | 0.44% cheater ratio

  9. Overpass | 425,830 players | 1,689 cheaters | 0.40% cheater ratio

  10. Ancient | 148,870 players | 528 cheaters | 0.35% cheater ratio

On the basis of this outcome it is pretty easy to figure out that Mirage is the most played CS:GO map but players have the highest chance of encountering a cheater or hacker on it.

Meanwhile, it is quite weird to see players cheating on Office in such high density. Out of every 10,000 users playing on the map about 64 of them are cheaters.

Another oddity is Overpass, even though more than 425,000 unique players enjoy the map, it only has a 0.40% cheater ratio in total.

More detailed brakdown by Leetify

This research is based on data available with Leetify for the month of July. More clarity could be attained as Valve keeps conducting more such crackdowns across CS:GO, refining the outcome even more.

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