Stats Prove Purple CS:GO Players Perform Best in Matchmaking

Stats Prove Purple CS:GO Players Perform Best in Matchmaking

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO stats analysis website leetify has proved that purple coloured players are the best performers during matchmaking.
  • They prove that the meme CS:GO community had been using so far is actually the truth.
  • The meme was been born in July 2020 after CS:GO tweeted out a bunch of random cryptic tweets.

On July 2020 Counter-Strike developers had published a bunch of cryptic tweets which had confused the entire CS:GO community. A lot of speculations were made at the time only for those Tweets to be deleted shortly after. In one of those tweets, the developers had come forward to state that it is best to be a purple coloured player when playing competitive.

While a majority had accepted the statement as nothing more than just a meme, some took it a bit more seriously and actually went ahead to analyze some data. CS:GO stats analyzing website leetify conducted a thorough analysis of about 20,000 matches to come up with the conclusion that “Purple players perform the best in matchmaking”.

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Purple CS:GO players are the best performers in matchmaking

An in-depth analysis by CS:GO statistics comparing website leetify has proven that purple coloured players are indeed the best performers in matchmaking. With data consisting of results from 20,000 matches, the following result was obtained:

  • Purple players had the best performance with a rating of 1.03 which went on to prove that what the CS:GO community had been using as just a meme was actually the truth all this time. In fact, the official CS:GO account went ahead to acknowledge this finding with a gif stating “I Know”.

  • Yellow players were the runners up with a rating of 1.02. Guess, the carry does not always top the list after all.

  • Blue players with a rating of 1.01 came in third, replicating their on server performance outside of it as well.

  • Green with a rating of 1.00 took the fourth place, the community was not too happy because even after bossing everyone around in the server the results were just not there.

  • Orange took the last place with a rating of 0.99 and well this was quite understandable. The only things it received were some words of encouragement and a pat on the back.

For all those who are unaware of how the meme about the purple players even came about here is how it started. CS:GO developers had themselves tweets out “When playing competitive, purple is the best colour to be,” in July last year along with a few other random tweets. All of them were deleted after sometime and a meme was born, which has now been proven to be the truth. So, I guess we can all start giving a bit more respect to those players now!

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