CS:GO Map Dharma Based On India Completed


CS:GO Map Dharma Set in India Completed, Features in FACEIT Mapcore Hub S23

Map based on the Indian holy city Varanasi is finally ready.

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The CS:GO map based on the Indian holy city of Varanasi has finally been completed after three years, according to one of its creator Geno.
The map has generated a lot of interest in the CS:GO community due to which it has been included in the FACEIT Mapcore Hub Season 23.
The map is there on FACEIT for a short duration of time and is also available on the Steam Workshop for free.

The CS:GO map 'Dharma' which is heavily inspired by the Indian holy city of Varanasi (Banaras/Kashi) has finally been completed by its creators Geno and Squeezit. It took the duo roughly three years to make the map from scratch which includes ideation, execution, creation, and everything in between.

This project kickstarted in 2019 and has been in development ever since, finally being moved out from its 'work in progress' phase earlier today via an announcement by Geno.

"It will still receive bug fixes and minor changes as and when required. But overall we are happy with how it plays," stated Geno, on behalf of both the creators.

Since its initial release in February earlier this year, the map has garnered a lot of public interest due to which it has even been featured in the FACEIT Mapcore Hub Season 23 along with other popular maps like Basalt, Biome, Tuscan, and several others.

Dharma: CS:GO map based on Indian holy city Varanasi finally completes after three years

Valve has always been open to community artists and their submissions including cosmetic items, maps, and more. This provides everyone the freedom to express themselves through their ideas and creations, for the community and the game.

One such unique CS:GO map that has managed to grab a lot of community attention and even make it to the FACEIT Mapcore Hub is Dharma.

According to the creators, this map is based on an old town situated along the ghats of the Ganges but as pointed out by multiple users, it is quite reminiscent of the Indian holy city - Varanasi, also known as Banaras or Kashi.

Further, the descriptions used by the creators for their map along with the design aesthetics in use are also very fitting of how one would describe the spiritual capital of India.

A still from the CS:GO map Dharma

The creation of the map started in 2019 and about three years later it has finally been completed. Both the designers having done an exceptional job at maintaining the essence of the map, connecting it to the ancient Indian city from which it has been heavily influenced.

For example, the image above with the steps leading down to the ghats of the river Ganga has been inspired from the ghats of Varanasi, which in reality is called as 'Dharma Ghat', the same being mentioned on the walls of some buildings.

Apart from these minor details, there are places across the map where certain things can be seen written in Hindi. The narrow streets with houses and shops crowding the various paths and alleyways, the electricity poles with wires running around, multiple old design structures across the city, and more add to the aesthetics of the map.

All the interest generated by this map has resulted in it being shortlisted for the FACEIT Mapcore Hub Season 23, as one of the nine maps for the proper 5v5 game format.

This in itself is a huge step, which gives the map and its developers a soft approval that it is worthy of being included in the game officially. Maybe not in official matchmaking but as part of an upcoming operation available for a short period of time.

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