CS:GO Map Goes Viral - Designed Like Mirage But Based On Nuke


CS:GO Map 'de_nirage' Goes Viral: Based on Mirage but Designed Like Nuke

This bizarre map will make you feel familiar yet very uncomfortable!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A talented map designer who goes by the name of Henge on Steam created a CS:GO map called 'de_nirage' which has gone quite viral.
This map is basically Mirage itself but it has been redesigned in such a way that it looks and feels like Nuke.
Though the map was released in November 2020, it took over the entire CS:GO community recently.

A talented designer who goes by the name of 'Henge Gerhardsson' on Steam has completely taken over the CS:GO community with one of his custom maps 'de_nirage'. This bizarre creation is a combination of Mirage and Nuke with the map playing out like the former but carrying the design elements of the latter.

To break it down even further, 'de_nirage' is nothing but the iconic CS:GO map Mirage that has been tinkered with beautifully to make it look and feel like the map Nuke.

Since this map has caught the public eye it has gone absolutely viral with the community going completely gaga over it. Here is everything about the map in case you are looking forward to trying it out as well.

CS:GO map designer combines Mirage and Nuke to form 'de_nirage'

One of the best things about CS:GO is the community that has built around around the game. The freedom provided to users for designing anything from custom maps, servers, weapons, cosmetics, and more, brings forward some really interesting and innovative creations.

A custom map designed by Henge in November 2020 called 'de_nirage' is a classic example of the community's creative side. It is a fun map where the designer has recreated Mirage by making it look and feel like Nuke. This also means that it certainly cannot be added to the game officially, but it has still garnered a massive interest from community members.

Mirage 'Mid' redesigned to look like Nuke In 'de_nirage'

Not only has it gone viral but many players have shown a genuine interest in trying out the map and even provided proper feedback for further improvements. On the map's Steam Workshop page, it has already received a ton of awards which further showcases how impressed everyone is with the creation.

Though the map is still Mirage, it makes the whole experience really unnerving for players because they keep thinking that they are on Nuke. It is uncomfortable enough to make a player feel lost at certain times, only to suddenly realize what is going on and figure things out.

The map has been made really well and feels genuinely clean, as if this is what it was meant to be like. In fact, if someone feels like pulling off a prank on a friend who might be new to the game, this map can totally be introduced as Nuke itself.

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