BlameF Explains the Reason Behind His Incredible Form With Astralis

The Dane is simply crushing it in every CS:GO tournament.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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BlameF has been the standout player for Astralis so far this season with an overall rating of 1.24.
In all the tournaments that he has played this year under the banner of Astralis, blameF has managed to attain a rating of more than 1.0.

Among the most consistently strong performing CS:GO players this season, Benjamin "blameF" Bremer, has proven to be a top contender with incredible performances up until this point.

Yes, Astralis might not have enjoyed a good run thus far, but blameF has still managed to shine bright across every single tournament that the team has participated in.

So far, the Dane has managed to achieve a rating of more than 1.0 in every single tournament and stands tall with an overall HLTV rating of 1.24, establishing himself as the best performing player on Astralis.

In a recent interview with Escore News, the 25-year-old went on to explain how he was able to deliver such a high level of performance for the side with such consistency.

BlameF talks about his incredible performance with Astralis in CS:GO

If there is one player who is doing it right in Astralis, it is none other than blameF. He has been hitting shots left, right, and center, constantly featuring in highlight reels, and undoubtedly he has been the biggest talking point for the side so far this season.

His performances are a league above what his teammates have delivered in the server till now, but despite consistently being under the spotlight the Dane has kept his head down and continued to work hard.

That is the secret behind his insane performance in the last six months, at least that is what he had to say when asked, 'Why was he so good this year?'

"I think it's because I'm grinding so much. It's honestly been exhausting, to tell you the truth, the last couple of months I've been playing so much Counter-Strike every day. I bought a new apartment three months ago, and I still haven't bought a single furniture to the apartment just because I've been playing so much. I don't feel I have time to go out and do anything because I'm constantly trying to play more than yesterday, and more than last week." answered blameF.

He did go on to admit that it has been really exhausting for him to continue this grind, this is why he is in real need of some time away from the game to chill and replenish his batteries for the season ahead.

Astralis has shown signs of recovery during the tail end of the first half, placing runners-up at the Pinnacle Cup Championship, followed by a 3rd-4th place finish at the Roobet Cup and IEM Cologne 2022.

It seems the Danish organization is getting a hang of things, slowly rising out of its long drawn slump. It will be interesting to see how they perform in the months ahead.

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