Best CS:GO Copypastas At PGL Antwerp Major 2022


Best CS:GO Copypastas at PGL Antwerp Major 2022 From Twitch and YouTube

Checkout what the viewers are spamming during the Antwerp Major livestream.

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The PGL Antwerp Major 2022 has witnessed a lot of Copypastas going viral across Twitch and YouTube during the livestream.
While most of the Copypastas are tweaked old ones or follow a specific format, there are some gems that are original and the community loves them.
Here are the best and most viral Copypastas from the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 that the community has spammed so far.

he tThe PGL Antwerp Major 2022 is currently underway with its Legend Stage and the community is absolutely loving it. Despite all the upsets that have disrupted the Pick'Em predictions for many in the community, the fight that Imperial Esports has put up continues to enthrall and excite the CS:GO audience.

In pursuit of cheering on the teams, trolling the players, and everything in between the CS:GO community has found solace in the age-old method for their opinions to be heard and also to partake in general banter, copypasta.

With a peak of more than a million concurrent viewers so far and an average viewership of around 628,000 users, PGL Antwerp Major 2022 has witnessed the creation and usage of some fantastic copypastas.

Be it from Twitch with its notorious 'Twitch Chat' or on YouTube, here are some banger copypastas that have taken over the livestream of the Antwerp Major at one point or the other, going absolutely viral as we spam them admiringly!

Most popular CS:GO copypastas from Twitch and YouTube livestreams of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022

The viewers have dabbed in a lot of banter on Twitch and YouTube while enjoying some top-tier CS:GO action, spamming creative phrases that have cracked us up while also making the whole viewing experience all the more worthwhile and entertaining.

Here are the best copypastas we have come across so far at PGL Antwerp Major 2022,

Hi PGL it's me, your only viewer. For months I have created the illusion that you are streaming to a large audience. But here's the truth: all the people in the chat are me. And now, for you to be convinced of this, I will send this message from all my accounts.

This is a great copypasta that has successfully rallied the viewers into spamming it endlessly in order to make PGL believe that all they have is just a single viewer.

You got to have fun with the tournament organizer, without the fear of getting on the nerves of the admin who indeed has all the power over the Twitch chat, certainly a brave move.

📞Hello Imperial 📞Hobbit Here 📞Pay us for win 📞

📞Hello Imperial📞Hobbit Here📞Payment received 📞

The viewers make sure to keep their copypastas updated to dish out some fresh burns. This might be a bit personal but it was just banter at the end of the day, also everything is powerless in front of the Twitch chat.

These are actually two separate copypastas that went viral during the elimination match between Imperial Esports and Cloud9. The first one was spammed when Imperial was trailing, the viewers made a minor change to it once Imperial had taken the lead, quite an impressive transition to say the least.

Hello, I just moved into the apartments on Mirage, but the sink is broken. I’ve been looking for a good handyman in my area. I have heard there is man name H0bbit that is good at “fixing” things. Can someone give me his number?

With allegations that serious, the community of course went all-in on Abay "⁠HObbit⁠" Khasenov. However, this one was more lite hearted and better put than the one above which was clever in the way it transitioned with the game but outright brutal.

I had the most amazing time with this girl last night. It was so good I finished in 15 seconds and as I turned to look at her out of embarrassment, she put her lips to my ear and whispered "at least you lasted longer than Astralis in PGL ANTWERP"

I mean, the organization with four Major titles under its belt should have at least made it to the Legends Stage. However, this copypasta was a certified banger as Astralis lost in the Challengers Stage which makes it sound all the more convincing, maybe it is based on a true event...? Who knows!

My dad beats me Sadge My mom beats me Sadge My brother beats me Sadge My sister beats me Sadge At least I feel safe with Cloud9 because they can't beat anyone EZ.

I mean, it might not be the mildest way to put things into perspective but as far as facts go it checks all the boxes. Considering the Cloud9 roster were one of the favorites going into the Legends Stage, it was a massive disappointment to see them walk away with a '1-3' scoreline.

At this point one seriously wonders if Cloud9 is cursed in CS:GO as the team has a top-four ranked lineup at their disposal but all they get is disrespected by copypastas.

Thorin is fantastic. Just needs to work on communication, arguments, insights, ego awareness, game knowledge, players knowledge, clown makeup, relevance, bias, women respect, anger management, hate management, controversy bait, analysis skills and actually find a job.

With his recent highly controversial statement against FalleN, the man has been hunted down by the CS:GO community. Forget the masses, even the best CS:GO player in the world ratioed him twice, as he blocked s1mple and shot himself in the leg.

Hey Chat! Huge Liquid fan here! 🙂 I checked Liquipedia but I can’t seem to find their next game! 😞 Can anyone let me know when they’re playing? I can’t wait for NA to finally win a second major 😀

This one was spammed a lot after Team Liquid, the last remaining North American roster at the Major took an early flight home with a '0-3' scoreline. Atleast they took the longer route through the Challengers Stage to stay relevant for a bit longer!

A few timeless classics that seem to respawn at almost all CS:GO tournaments with a few tweaks every now and then,

  • Hello my name is Jane, I live in Overpass, recently I was gardening some tomato plants, but random people have been ruining my gardening recently by shooting guns and detonating C4. In the process I lost all my plants and I am struggling financially please help me rebuild my garden.

  • Hi, I'm Jerry a construction worker employed to work on Vertigo. I can't take a nap with all the commotion going on. Please stop or I'll complain to my boss about your little game of tag. Thank you no Copyrino Pasterino.

  • I saw Jame at the gas station, he was arguing with the cashier about his
    expired coupons, telling her that he just wanted to save 50 cents on
    his redbull. He argued with her for 15 minutes until sanji just pulled
    out his credit card and just paid for his whole order.

  • My wife cheated on me in 2017 with a man named robert. Since then, we got divorced and she got the kids. This spiralled into me losing my job and becoming homeless. I have always hated robert for ruining my life but not as much as i hate [player name].

  • Its a me, receptionist Giovanni Lasagna from Library on A site Inferno. I like to read my book in silence but mamma mia, i can not! There is man storming into quiet library every 10 minute with gun he say "He need his AWP next round" so he "is saving". Tell him, I will call police next time!!!!

These are some of the most viral copypastas that have been observed across Twitch and YouTube during the live broadcast of PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

There are definitely a lot more out there that are being circulated and many others that will continue to surface as the Major continues to take place until 22nd May 2022.

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