Benched Heroes CS:GO Team Receives Offer From UK Org


Benched Heroes CS:GO Team Receives Offer From Unnamed UK Organization

Benched Heroes might get picked up by an esports organization!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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According to Aunkere, an esports organization from UK has shown interest in signing the mixed CS:GO lineup of Benched Heroes.
During a recent Twitch stream he revealed that the organization was in touch with Smooya and an offer has been made.
Nothing has been finalized so far by either of the parties involved.

The mixed CS:GO lineup of Benched Heroes might get picked up by an esports organization from the United Kingdom, according to a statement made by Evgeniy "Aunkere" Karyat during a recent Twitch stream.

The team has already qualified for the IEM Road to Rio 2022: European RMR B. This international roster comprises of Aunkere, Rodyon "fear" Smyk, Owen "smooya" Butterfield, Michał "MICHU" Müller, Buğra "Calyx" Arkın, and their coach Gustavo "Juve" Fernandes.

The team currently operates without the backing of an organization. The five players simply came together under the monicker of 'Benched Heroes' and secured a fifth-place finish in the fourth open qualifier and have automatically qualified for the European RMR (Regional Major Rankings).

Their achievement and commitment seems to have piqued the interest of a UK-based organization that is supposedly engaged in a conversation with Owen "smooya" Butterfield.

CS:GO roster of Benched Heroes might get signed by an esports organization from the UK

An unnamed esports organization from the UK seems to have shown an interest in signing the mixed international lineup of Benched Heroes, which is all set to compete in the upcoming IEM Road to Rio 2022: European RMR B.

"Smooya wrote to an organization in the UK (United Kingdom), and he spoke to them about signing," said Aunkere while engaging with his audience during a recent Twitch stream, "In theory, if we agree on the price now, we will not perform under the tag [of] Benched Heroes, but under the [name of the] organization."

According to the comments made by the Russian rifler, the deal has not been finalized and is still being discussed between the two parties. However, the discussion has definitely moved beyond the initial phase as certain important points have already been discussed, including the overall offer.

"There's a very good offer out there, and we're thinking about it," revealed the 22 year old, "If nothing works out, I will definitely tell or hint how much we were offered, but the amount is very good. I'm glad that fear and I put this mix together and guys like that are interested in it."

Note: The above statements were originally in Russian and were obtained from Cybersport. They have been further translated into English using DeepL.

Smooya searching for organization and manager

It is going to be a tough fight for Benched Heroes to secure itself one of the eight available slots for the IEM Rio Major 2022 with teams like NAVI, Heroic, Vitality, BIG, ENCE, Outsiders, OG, and more present in their bracket.

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