Cloud9 Terminates Woxic’s $1.3 Million CS:GO Contract


Cloud9 Terminates Woxic’s $1.3 Million CS:GO Contract

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Cloud9 has released woxic from their CS:GO lineup as they terminate his $1.3 million contract.
  • Woxic had joined Cloud9 in September last year, leaving the team just four months later.
  • HenryG says that the decision was mutual and the organization tried to resolve multiple issues but they were "almost insurmountable".

The North American esports organization Cloud9 has decided to part ways with Ozgur "woxic" Eker just four months after signing him for three years in a deal worth $1,365,000 USD. This is the second roster change that the Cloud9 ‘Colossus’ has undergone before the start of the 2021 competitive circuit.

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Cloud9 part ways with woxic

The hyped Cloud9 ‘Colossus’ has not done anything significant so far. Despite putting together quite a formidable team that promised to bring good results at ‘Flashpoint 2’, the lineup has fallen flat. Cloud9 has participated in four tournaments so far which includes a B-Tier tournament - Nine to Five #7, but the team miserably failed to takeoff.

With the 2021 competitive circuit about to start in a few weeks, Cloud9 are preparing themselves by making a few adjustments. They have already parted ways with their coach Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunovic due to a clash of ideas between him and the team’s in-game leader Alex “ALEX” McMeekin.

Now, Cloud9 has come forward to make their first player roster shuffle as they terminate Woxic’s contract worth $1.3 million just four months after the lineup coming together. The General Manager of Cloud9 CS:GO - Henry ”HenryG“ Greer came forward with a statement on the situation saying that “With the player break available to us and having no immediate tournaments, this seemed to be the most logical timeframe to incorporate change(s) to the roster if we wanted to prosper in 2021.”

Cloud9 Terminates Woxic’s $1.3 Million CS:GO Contract

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HenryG explains why Cloud9 released woxic

As per the statement given by HenryG, there seemed to be a few “almost unsurmountable” problems and despite the organization trying their best to reach a resolution nothing seemed to work out. A few problems mentioned are as follows,

  • Woxic faced performance issues due to an unreliable high ping.

  • He played from a location with a compromising time-zone.

These problems along with a few other challenges proved to be rough on woxic and all resolutions to solve them failed. So, Cloud9 and woxic came to a mutual agreement to part ways and go there separate ways. With his contract being terminated woxic is a free agent now and he can pursue whatever he wants next “without the pressures of the bench or any obligations with his previous employer (Cloud9)”.

Cloud9 Terminates Woxic’s $1.3 Million CS:GO Contract

During his time with Cloud9, the explosive Turkish player was not his usual self as his performance kept deteriorating with each passing tournament. With earlier reports suggesting that Cloud9 were eyeing former Chaos Esports Club rifler Erick "Xeppaa" Bac along with Australian coach Chris "Elmapuddy" Tebbit. Now that Cloud9 has the perfect openings for both of them these reports might just come true!

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