Cloud9 Part Ways With CS:GO Coach Kassad, HenryG Reveals Why

Aditya Singh Rawat
28/Dec/2020 10:30 pm

North American esports organization Cloud9 part ways with their CS:GO head coach kassad.
Kassad leaves Cloud9 within just 4 months of the roster coming together.
HenryG via a detailed statement reveals the reason behind kassad leaving Cloud9.

North American esports organization Cloud9 has decided to part ways with its CS:GO head coach Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunovic. It seems the colossus has made its first change in less than 4 months as the 30-year-old Serbian states that “The whole vision of the game was just way too different from the start.”

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Kassad Leaves Cloud9

Cloud9 has invested close to almost $6 million on their current CS:GO roster, assembling some of the best European players to represent the organization and restore their long lost glory once again. Unfortunately, the colossus was off to a bad start as they could only manage to take the 11th - 12th position at Flashpoint Season 2, following Alex “ALEX” McMeekin’s promise of attaining nothing short of a victory.

Nothing seemed to change in the three events that followed, with the 2020 CS:GO season coming to an end for the revamped Cloud9 lineup without any success. Now, just a few weeks before the start of a new season the organization has taken a huge decision of parting ways with their head coach kassad.

This is huge and a totally unexpected move by Cloud9 considering that the team had only been together for less than four months. It also provides us with an answer as to why such a star-studded roster was struggling to keep pace and their continued string of disappointing performances.

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HenryG Reveals Why

Following the official announcement, General Manager of Cloud9’s CS:GO team Henry “HenryG” Greer via a detailed statement revealed that there is no “bad-blood between him, the org or players”. Instead, describing the problem as being a “stylistic clash” between ALEX and kassad which were “leading to a few too many compromises from a strategic point of view”.

He further explained that as the player break was currently going on it felt like the perfect situation to part ways with kassad and “move in a different direction to prepare for the next season”.

Kassad himself spoke about this difference in the ideology that he and ALEX have had since the start. As ALEX was the first player to be signed by the organization it means Cloud9 were aware of the clash in strategies between him and kassad for a long time now.

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While the situation seems grim, Cloud9 thinks that this was the best way forward for their CS:GO roster. But by taking this decision they have also run into a bit of a problem as there is a certain deficit in the number of experienced CS:GO coaches still available, due to the recent ‘Spectator Bug Scandal’.

It will be interesting to see who Cloud9 picks up as their new CS:GO coach and if it does make a difference in the team’s overall performance. Eyes will be on this North American team moving forward as they start their journey once again, climbing the ranks to become the best CS:GO team in the world.


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