HenryG Becomes Cloud9 General Manager, Kassad Joins as Head Coach

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/Sep/2020 07:42 pm

HenryG announced as the General Manager of Cloud9’s CS:GO team.
Kassad also comes onboard as the Head Coach of Cloud9's CS:GO team.
Together they have taken on the responsibility of assembling a new top-tier lineup from scratch.

The big announcement as promised a few days back by former CS:GO caster Henry "?HenryG?" Greer has now been revealed, the 32-year-old Brit following his retirement from esports casting has now become the General Manager of Cloud9’s CS:GO team. Along with him, the American organization has also added former 100Thieves coach Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunovic as their Head Coach.

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Together the two will be undertaking the responsibility of creating a new CS:GO roster for Cloud9 from scratch as per a report by Dexerto. The organization had announced yesterday that they are parting ways with their current CS:GO roster and while they continue to play under their banner, Cloud9 will evaluate new opportunities for them.

HenryG Becomes Cloud9’s General Manager

The announcement was a big shock for the entire CS:GO community as no one had even thought of HenryG taking on the role of a General Manager, the speculations were limited to him becoming the coach of Cloud9 or some other team’s CS:GO roster. 

This was certainly a massive shocker and true to what HenryG had stated a few days back, “I’m not kidding when I say that my next move is going to be a colossal one for the CS:GO community.”

In an interview with Dexerto HenryG said that moving forward he knows that a lot is at stake and that he would not have taken on the role of a General Manager unless he was confident about it, “Failure simply isn’t an option.”

With the CS:GO Major looking quite uncertain because of the global situation, Cloud9 has ample time to form a roster. There are also a lot of great candidates to choose from and reportedly HeryG is already in the process of “holding talks with several high profile targets.”

Kassad Comes Onboard As The Head Coach

While HenryG’s announcement was expected to come out today another surprise was Cloud9 picking up Kassad as their Head Coach who is apparently working alongside him. Kassad has been without an org since late April 2020 after a slew of disappointing performances with 100 Thieves saw him being kicked from the team.

His track record is however impeccable especially the time he has spent with Renegades improving the team leaps and bounds to reach the HLTV top 10. Cloud9 has put their trust in him to lead a new roster from nothing to one of the top teams in the world.

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Let’s see how things work out for Cloud9 who has certainly not been having a great year so far, their gamble of hiring HenryG as their GM might be one of the biggest make-or-break points in the history of the game.


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