CS:GO Community Reacts as Valve Removes Bots From Competitive

CS:GO Community Reacts as Valve Removes Bots From Competitive

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve takes a decision to remove CS:GO bots from 'Competitive' and 'Wingman' game mode with latest update.
  • The community reacts to this decision as the majority of the users are not at all happy with this change.
  • Other important changes include, fixing the 'Ping Wallhack Bug' and removing the ability to highlight weapons in competitive matches.

CS:GO with its 7th January update has made a massive change which has not gone down well with the community, who mourn the loss of CS:GO bots from competitive matchmaking. Valve took a decision to remove bots from both ‘Classic Competitive’ and ‘Wingman’ game modes yesterday, which has not gone down well with the users who are quite upset with this change.

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CS:GO Update - Valve Removes Bots From Competitive & Wingman

Bots have always been an integral part of the CS:GO community and despite all the hate that they receive for their dumb decision making and arrogance, the community is shattered that Valve decided to remove them from competitive and wingman game modes.

CS:GO Community Reacts as Valve Removes Bots From Competitive

In a competitive match, if a player disconnected or abandoned a game they used to be instantly replaced by one of the many bots made by Valve for CS:GO. It also used to give the team with the bot a chance to control him once their character was dead, to provide some sort of balance and even out the playing field. 

However, this system slowly started getting abused especially by stacks who would kick underperforming players from their team and opt for a bot instead. Giving them a chance to take control of the bot after dying once, which basically acted as a second life. 

It had its fair share of drawbacks as these bots would make poor buy decisions, run away to a random spot on the map, ignore the commands given by the team, and other really irritating stuff. But despite all these negative takeaways, many users preferred a bot over a poor performing individual and this defeated the whole purpose of keeping the match fair.

The decision taken by Valve reads as follows, “When a player disconnects or is kicked in classic competitive and wingman modes, they will no longer be replaced by a bot. If the entire other team leaves, one bot will be left on the other team, idling in spawn.”

So from now on when a player leaves a game for whatsoever reason the teams shall continue playing 4v5, and if all the other players also decide to leave then one passive bot will spawn on the default CT or T site for all the remaining rounds.

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CS:GO Community Reacts

From casual users, popular streamers, professional players, prominent personalities, and CS:GO organizations, everyone was quite upset with this decision. As all sorts of reactions poured in, some even trying to convince Valve to bring them back.

CS:GO Community Reacts as Valve Removes Bots From Competitive

A few were upset of never witnessing another rare single-handedly demolition by a bot that would be highlighted as a clip, others were upset that all they wanted was for Valve to improve the bots and not remove them.

CS:GO Community Reacts as Valve Removes Bots From Competitive
CS:GO Community Reacts as Valve Removes Bots From Competitive

Apart from this other important changes implemented by Valve are as follows,

  • They solved the ‘Ping Wallhack Bug’ which allowed users to know about an incoming enemy by using the new ping feature, which would simply attach to the body of the enemy player model when they passed over it.

  • Players can no longer highlight weapons in competitive matches. This seems to be counterproductive and limits the purpose of the ping feature which is actually supposed to do just that.

  • Four CS:GO maps Ancient, Cache, Engage, and Guard were updated with a few set of changes.

For the full list of the changelog ‘Click Here’.

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