[Watch] CS:GO Gun Range World Record Speedrun at 64 Tick With AK-47

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 17 Aug 2020, 12:27 PM

When someone says CS:GO is more than just a game it is because Counter-Strike offers much more than just competitive gunplay. Since its launch users have come up with creative ways to enjoy different aspects of the game, one of these is speedrunning through the CS:GO ‘Gun Range’. 

Recently a French player who goes by the name of ‘Hedip’ shared his world-record run where he completed the entire ‘Gun Range’ course in just 17.6 seconds under the server category ‘64 Tick’ and weapon category ‘AK-47’. He created the record a month back and in the process beat the previous record of 17.9 seconds which was made by a Welsh player back in February.

[Watch] CS:GO Gun Range World Record Speedrun at 64 Tick With AK-47

Gun Range AK-47 64 Tick World Record

It is no easy task to speedrun through a course, especially when a player is required to shoot, throw grenades, jump, crouch, and more while moving continuously. Players spend hours figuring out the best possible way to make it through the course in the fastest possible time, taking into account various things like shortest possible path, grenade lineups to pick off enemies in advance, memorising each and every enemy position, practicing their aim to pick off enemies with a single head shot, perfect bhopping (bunny hopping) to cut off precious seconds, and a hundred other things.

This is Hedip’s record-breaking 17.6 seconds run through the ‘Gun Range’ at 64 ticks with an AK-47. The following run was uploaded by the user in late June and no one has beaten his record since under the above-mentioned category.

From the video above it is clearly noticeable that Hedip has practiced the course a lot of times and has fine-tuned each and every aspect that is required to top the course. He tosses a couple of grenades before the timer starts to knock off a few enemies in advance, this has become a standard practice which is followed by every player trying to create a new record.

Hedip also picks up one grenade before he starts the course to catch an off-angle enemy in the first room. Here you can notice how instead of going around and climbing the stairs he instead chooses to jump to the door as it is the shortest possible route. Quickly making his way ahead, before entering the third room he can be seen pre-firing through the wall with his pistol followed by a couple of bunny hops to finish the course, which might not seem too important but has actually helped him shave a few milliseconds off the clock.

[Watch] CS:GO Gun Range World Record Speedrun at 64 Tick With AK-47

Setting a speedrunning record through various courses is definitely a thing that Counter-Strike players compete for, not all users do it but it certainly has its own set of enthusiasts. What is your fastest speedrun timing through the course?

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