Romanian CS:GO Team Nexus Gaming Plays Competitive CS for Over 14 Hours Straight

Aditya Singh Rawat
12/Aug/2020 04:11 pm

In recent times there has been a lot of discussions related to packed schedules when it comes to competitive Counter-Strike and just yesterday a Romanian CS:GO team ‘Nexus Gaming’ has proved how true this, as they played six back-to-back competitive Counter-Strike matches which took more than half-a-day to complete.

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Nexus Gaming Plays For Over 14 Hours Straight

The Romanian CS:GO team ‘Nexus Gaming’ had to slog it out for more than 14 hours straight as they played six consecutive matches starting at 10:30 AM in the morning of 11th August and ended at around 1:30 AM the next day.

It must have been a really stressful day for the Romanian lineup who were competing in two different tournaments, Nine to Five #3 and IEM New York: Europe Open Qualifier. Unluckily for them, the schedule of the two events overlapped causing them to play two best-of-three matches in the group stage of Nine to Five #3, followed by four best-of-one matches to reach the semifinals of IEM New York: Europe Open Qualifiers.

Though the team failed to have an impact in the Nine to Five #3 tournament losing both their matches to Tikitakan and HellRaisers, they managed to reach the semifinals of the European open qualifiers defeating big teams like FPLmix and MAD Lions.

The local community was seen congratulating the team and celebrating their success as they continue their journey today going up against the Danish team x6tence which is also looking quite solid.

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Despite the team’s achievement, we cannot overlook the fact that they had to play six back-to-back matches for more than half-a-day which is both dangerously unhealthy and also counterproductive for the competing team. 

  • Playing for such long hours directly impacts a team’s performance as the players tire out due to fatigue. This could have been a big factor for their losses at the Nine to Five tournament, maybe if these matches were played on some other day the results would have been different.
  • In the long run, the team cannot continue playing competitively with such a packed schedule as it will take a significant mental and physical toll on the players. It is not always the fault of tournament organizers, sometimes team managers need to keep a check on the dates of open qualifiers so as to avoid burdening the team like this, especially when they are the ones trying to qualify for the main event.

Competing for more than half-a-day is no joke, it was certainly an intense day for Nexus Gaming and it shows just how dedicated the team is to achieve something. Let’s see if they can make it through to the European closed qualifiers of IEM New York.


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